Do not be a victim of ID Fraud


What is Identity Theft?

Do not be a victim of ID Fraud. This theft is when your personal and private information including your name, address, date of birth etc are stolen and to be used to purchase goods and other services in your name.

How often do you just throw out your bank statement, utility bills or even credit card statements with your day-to-day rubbish?  You assume as your household rubbish is in a secure bin liner or rubbish collection bin that your identity is safe.


Do not be a victim of ID fraud
A fraudster does not need to break into your home to steal personal information


Election Fever – What is the cure?

A few weeks ago when the General Election was announced a reporter in Bristol  spoke to a lady called Brenda and asked her for her opinion on the news there was going to be another General election.  Her response was “You’re joking? Not another one!” an opinion I am sure shared by many especially in the water cooler moments in the office.

As Brenda from Bristol said….. “You’re joking? Not another one!”



Vinegar is not just for Fish and Chips

Vinegar is not just for fish and chips.  Vinegar has been around for several thousands of years. The earliest record of vinegar was around 5000 BC by the Sumerians who were a tribe in Ancient Babylonia and they used vinegar to preserve and pickle their foods.

White vinegar has numerous of uses and below are just a few which I hope you will find helpful.


How to deal with Jet Lag

What is jet lag?

How to deal with Jet Lag.    Jet lag covers a range of experiences your body may feel by adapting to a different time zone following a long flight. It can affect every one of all ages.

You may feel tired, lacking in energy and possible digestion problems.

Jet lag can vary depending on which time zones you are crossing.

People usually report more severe jet lag for easterly flights compared with westerly flights across the same number of time zones.

Jet lag is unavoidable but there are steps below which can make adjusting to the time difference a little better and will make sure you have a great start to your holiday. Likewise the same tips are great for your return flight.


Do you suffer from Odontophobia?

Do you suffer from Odontophobia which is a fear of the dentist

You are not alone. Approx 10% of the UK population have a fear of the dentist.

The three top fears are as follows:-

1. Spiders

2. Heights

3. Dentists

Fear of the dentist and receiving dental care  can also be referred to as odontophobia, dentophobia, dentist phobia, and dental anxiety.

Dental phobia must be tackled head on. Our oral care is vital for health and wellbeing. So below are some tips for help with the fear of the dentist.


Do you suffer from Odontophobia?
Find a good dentist by recommendations from family and friends.










I am one of those people who are terrified of the dentist.  I believe it may have come from when I was younger and  had to go to the dentist many times . I never liked going to the dentist and it would take twice as long as normal as I used to always ask them to stop as the pain was really bad.

This fear as continued into my adult life and I have often stopped going to the dentist until absolutely necessary.. That was until a few months ago when I n found a fantastic dentist who is patient, caring and understanding.


Training Course for the Over 50s starting end of April

I wanted to draw your attention to a training programme for the Over 50s who are currently out of work

When I started this blog I wanted to provide you with uplifting and interesting posts that are generally geared towards Women (men are welcome of course) who are over 50.

Why not discover skills you never thought you had to get you back into work








How to stay safe in the sun

How to stay safe in the Sun.

The weather is now getting warmer and we are more likely to be spending more time in the sun either during our lunch breaks, after work, while on holiday, going to music festival, attending bbq’s  or just generally walking around doing our daily routines. It is so important to protect your skin from the sun –even you think the weather is overcast – the rays can still get through to your skin.

how to stay safe in the sun
Remember: UV rays are strongest between 10am and 4pm.


How you can turn left instead of right on a flight

How to get a free upgrade on your flight

We all love a freebie.

How was your last flight?

If you are like the majority of use you were sitting in a slightly cramped seat, the person in front kept reclining their seat so you had less room that before, the food was ‘so so’ and you had to wait ages for that extra cup of coffee.  Imagine the scene if you had a luxurious reclining seat, major leg room, choice of food on china plates, plenty of champagne and service on tap throughout the flight. Sounds a dream…Well as most of us turn right  on a plane we will never know. So below are some tips on how to potentially get an upgrade so you can see how the other half live.

I cannot guarantee these will work but I would love to have feedback if you find yourself turning  left instead of right!

Sadly these people turned right instead of left