How you can turn left instead of right on a flight

How to get a free upgrade on your flight

We all love a freebie.

How was your last flight?

If you are like the majority of use you were sitting in a slightly cramped seat, the person in front kept reclining their seat so you had less room that before, the food was ‘so so’ and you had to wait ages for that extra cup of coffee.  Imagine the scene if you had a luxurious reclining seat, major leg room, choice of food on china plates, plenty of champagne and service on tap throughout the flight. Sounds a dream…Well as most of us turn right  on a plane we will never know. So below are some tips on how to potentially get an upgrade so you can see how the other half live.

I cannot guarantee these will work but I would love to have feedback if you find yourself turning  left instead of right!

Sadly these people turned right instead of left

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