What do passwords and dental hygiene have in common?

What do passwords and dental hygiene have in common?

When was the last time you changed your passwords on your PC?

Do you keep the same password for all your accounts including home and work?

If so you need to change them immediately.

This blog post will help with tips for staying on top of your passwords and make sure that you mange your online accounts more securely and avoid being hacked

Did you know that if any of your personal emails are hacked, your address book including any stored professional email will be exploited for phishing email attacks?

So act now with the following tips.


What is prickly heat?

What is prickly heat?

We are now at the start of the Summer and for most of us we love going out in the sun. There is always the feel good factor when the sun comes out.

For many of us when we have the lovely hot weather (and no rain!) we will generally be outside. It is a very sociable time and you could be attending a picnic, enjoying some of the many summer festivals, visiting the local beach soaking up the sun,, around at families and friends for a BBQ or even just taking it nice and easy.

What is prickly heat?
Approx 10% of the population will suffer from prickly heat in the Summer.


For some people the hot weather proves problematic.

While the sun brings out our fun side for some people they end up suffering from prickly heat, (which is often referred to as either ‘milaria rubra’ or ‘heat rash)

What is prickly heat?
Do not let prickly heat spoil that long-awaited holiday.



Are diet fizzy drinks a good health choice?

Are diet fizzy drinks a good health choice. We are all aware that drinking fizzy drinks – particular the ‘non diet’ variety that they are full of sugar and excess calories. So for many of us (including me) we try to go for the ‘no calorie or no sugar’ options. By doing this we think we are making a wise choice but often that is not the case.

I have been drinking far too many of these diet fizzy drinks and doing this research I was not aware of how bad these ‘diet fizzy drinks’ are and wanted to share this with you.

The no calorie no sugar option of a fizzy drink may seem like a healthy option. Let’s face it can save  you over 140 calories per can (depending on the option you choose) and this will also satisfy your crAre diet fizzy drinks a good health choice?aving for something sweet…but this can will contain several different types of artificial sweeteners which can include aspartame, saccharin, and sucrose.

Are diet fizzy drinks a good health choice?

Drinking these types of fizzy drinks is fine if just one or two cans a day but what happens if you like several cans of this type of fizzy drinks a day. There can be more to this enhanced cocktail than meets the eye.

What else is in the diet fizzy drinks?


How to try and stay safe. Link is from NPCC website

My thoughts are with the victims of last night’s attack, their families & the emergency services supporting them.

I found this on the NPCC website about how to try and stay safe  – It also includes a video which is very helpful


The UK will observe a minute’s silence on Tuesday at 1100 BST to remember those killed in the London attacks.


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JUNE 2017

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June Free Prize Draw is a paperback book on the Menopause.


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5 Tips on how to prevent lost luggage at airports

Below are 5 tips on how to prevent loss luggage at airports. Recently in the news there was a major problem at some of the UK airports when the baggage check in was not working after ‘computer said no’

This meant that all the passengers could not check in their luggage and it was going to be sent on separately to them at a later date. – not an ideal start to their holiday and very stressful for everyone.

So what can you do to make sure that your luggage does not get lost?

Below are 5 tips which means you and your luggage will not be parted at any time during the duration of your holiday (unless there is another major IT problem like the recent one!)

5 tips to prevent lost luggage at airports
Would you be able to spot YOUR suitcase


Free Prize Draw Winner – May 2017

The winner of the free prize draw for May is Alice Dixon – congratulations.

I have emailed Alice  so I can send her prize out shortly.

Thank you all for entering. Stay subscribed as I am going to be running a new competition for June to win a book on Menopause Breakthroughs. This book will cover both traditional Western medicine and alternative therapies, providing a wide-ranging overview of available treatments to ease the symptoms of menopause and ensure a smoother transition.

I have also done a blog post earlier in the year on Menopause and the link is below in case you missed it.


I aim to have this on my blog first week of June (just waiting for delivery of the book!)

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