Are diet fizzy drinks a good health choice?

Are diet fizzy drinks a good health choice. We are all aware that drinking fizzy drinks – particular the ‘non diet’ variety that they are full of sugar and excess calories. So for many of us (including me) we try to go for the ‘no calorie or no sugar’ options. By doing this we think we are making a wise choice but often that is not the case.

I have been drinking far too many of these diet fizzy drinks and doing this research I was not aware of how bad these ‘diet fizzy drinks’ are and wanted to share this with you.

The no calorie no sugar option of a fizzy drink may seem like a healthy option. Let’s face it can save  you over 140 calories per can (depending on the option you choose) and this will also satisfy your crAre diet fizzy drinks a good health choice?aving for something sweet…but this can will contain several different types of artificial sweeteners which can include aspartame, saccharin, and sucrose.

Are diet fizzy drinks a good health choice?

Drinking these types of fizzy drinks is fine if just one or two cans a day but what happens if you like several cans of this type of fizzy drinks a day. There can be more to this enhanced cocktail than meets the eye.

What else is in the diet fizzy drinks?

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