Are you entitled to any Winter Fuel Payments?

Are you entitled to any Winter Fuel Payments

Did you know that recent figures show that around 78% of people on low-income say they are very concerned about heating their home during the winter. In fact around 26% of these people say they could not heat their home due to the high costs of heating.

For some families money is very tight and below are some benefits which you (or a family member) may be entitled to and could help with the Winter Fuel Bills.

Are you entitled to any Winter Fuel Payments

How to make a reverse Advent Calendar

Christmas is a very expensive time even if you are in work.

For many people Christmas will be a real struggle as more and more people (even those in work) are relying on food banks to help feed their family so that they do not go hungry.

It is much worse during the cold season as often families will have to decide between heating the home or eating.

The food banks are struggling to cope with demand and that is why they are asking everyone who can afford  to make the reverse advent calendar.



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