How to avoid being a victim of catfishing

I thought I would do a post on how to avoid being a victim of Catfishing after watching the amazing new show on Channel 4 called ‘The Circle’

If you have not seen it briefly it is a new social media reality TV show where a group of 8 contestants are living in a block of flats and the only access they have to the other people is by a social media group called ‘The Circle’

They create social media profiles but some are creating false profiles in order to appear (so they think) more popular!

There is one contestant who is male but has the profile of his girlfriend so everyone assumes he is she. Another guy is gay but is pretending to be straight. In fact both of these had a ‘virtual’ date with each other which was interesting!
How to avoid being a victim of catfishing
So far the guy who is pretending to be his girlfriend is in fact the most popular
But in ‘real life’ this can also happen on-line and below are some guidelines so you can be aware

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