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Should you get a PAYG phone or contract mobile phone

I am sure like many of you we remember when there were no mobile phones. We all manged quite well then but times change and now it seems everyone has a mobile phone. They are now an essential part of daily life.

There are two types of contracts available to you for mobile phones. The option of pay monthly or Pre pay – also known as PAYG.

Regardless of which type of contact you have there are disadvantages and advantages to both options.


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Going nuts over Coconuts – 15 Tips for Using Coconut Oil

One of the new Superfoods is Coconuts. To be more precise Coconut Oil.

The Coconut oil comes from the body of matured coconuts which are harvested from the Coconut Palm trees.

Coconut Oil has many excellent benefits and below are 15 reasons why Coconut Oil is like a multi tasker.

You can use Coconut oil for cooking as well as for beauty treatments.

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Free Prize Draw – September 2017 – Gardening prizes

I am offering a free prize draw to current and future subscribers.

Free Prize Draw – September 2017

If you are a new subscriber please complete the subscribe form on my main page. You will receive an email asking you to opt in. Until you have agreed to opt in you will not be entered into the free prize draw.

Good luck to you all.

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8 tips to improve your credit score

Have you recently applied for a financial product and been turned down?

Did you know that a recent survey showed that people would be more embarrassed to let people know their credit score than stating what they weigh?  Fixing your credit score is like losing weight it takes time and effort but the rewards can be fantastic (and eating loads of chocolates will not affect your credit!)

Below are 8 tips to help improve your credit score


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7 places to visit in London FOR FREE

I am a proud Londoner we have some fantastic sites for everyone to visit.

London is a 24 hour city (more so now that we have the night tube during the weekends).  We have a vast array of new hotels, restaurants, shops, theatres, galleries. There is also a down side as the cost can be so expensive.

So to help you make sure you get to see and do all the best things London has to offer I have provided a selection of places you can visit for FREE.

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