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Author: Gerri

Too old to take driving lessons?

Too old to take driving lessons? I have reached the age of 53 and still a non-driver. It does not worry me – passing my driving test is not on my bucket list. Thankfully I have excellent transport links where Read more…

Points to consider when getting a tattoo

Poina to consider when getting a tattoo.  The increase in tattooing for Women over 50 is growing all the time and I will be expanding on this in another post but for now….. Here are some top tips if you Read more…

Safety tips for women travelling

Often Women want to go travelling by themselves, perhaps due to choice, divorce or widowhood. Below are a few tips to help you enjoy your holiday that little bit more and for the holiday to be remembered for the right Read more…

Why you should hire the over 50s

    Why you should hire the over 50s Women over 50 are key to the work place yet often we are overlooked by future employers The benefits of hiring us include (but not limited to the following)

Good things about the Menopause

There are many good things about the menopause – You save at least £10 a month on  sanitary products (that is equivalent to a free weekend break) No more cramps or feeling rubbish No PMT You start to love your Read more…

Positive things about being over 50

There are many positive things about being over 50

About me

Welcome to my new blog. My name is Gerri although I was born Gerardine – and I am yet to find anyone with that name! Why the title ‘Over The Hill And Under The Radar’ Well often women of a Read more…