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My day learning to be First Aider at St John Ambulance service

Today I attended a first aid course (for work) be a First Aider.

I feel that learning basic first aid is essential for everyone.

First aid is such a simple skill and has an amazing impact. Everyone should learn it – after all you could be the difference between life and death.


It was run by St John Ambulance service and below is my review.

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Tips to avoid food poisoning while on holiday

One of the best things about visiting new countries is sampling the local delicacies. This could be snails in Paris or shellfish in Thailand (and everything in between).  You want to be able to enjoy and sample all the food.

Recent figures have shown that 6 out of 10 British people will fall ill on holiday each year with around 600  suffering from serious food poisoning.

Below are some tips to avoid making sure that the places you intend to visit on your trip do not include the local Doctors or hospital.

Being sick on holiday is a sure-fire way to ruin any trip. Do not let this happen to you.

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What is prickly heat?

What is prickly heat?

We are now at the start of the Summer and for most of us we love going out in the sun. There is always the feel good factor when the sun comes out.

For many of us when we have the lovely hot weather (and no rain!) we will generally be outside. It is a very sociable time and you could be attending a picnic, enjoying some of the many summer festivals, visiting the local beach soaking up the sun,, around at families and friends for a BBQ or even just taking it nice and easy.

Approx 10% of the population will suffer from prickly heat in the Summer.


For some people the hot weather proves problematic.

While the sun brings out our fun side for some people they end up suffering from prickly heat, (which is often referred to as either ‘milaria rubra’ or ‘heat rash)

Do not let prickly heat spoil that long-awaited holiday.


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Are diet fizzy drinks a good health choice?

We are all aware that drinking fizzy drinks – particular the ‘non diet’ variety that they are full of sugar and excess calories. So for many of us (including me) we try to go for the ‘no calorie or no sugar’ options. By doing this we think we are making a wise choice but often that is not the case.

I have been drinking far too many of these diet fizzy drinks and doing this research I was not aware of how bad these ‘diet fizzy drinks’ are and wanted to share this with you.

The no calorie no sugar option of a fizzy drink may seem like a healthy option. Let’s face it can save  you over 140 calories per can (depending on the option you choose) and this will also satisfy your craving for something sweet…but this can will contain several different types of artificial sweeteners which can include aspartame, saccharin, and sucrose.

Drinking these types of fizzy drinks is fine if just one or two cans a day but what happens if you like several cans of this type of fizzy drinks a day. There can be more to this enhanced cocktail than meets the eye.

What else is in the diet fizzy drinks?

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Everyday healthy eating tips

We are all aware that losing weight is one way to keep you fit and healthy.

Below are some everyday tips which we can all implement in our daily life without feeling we are on a diet.  No special meals, no calorie counting, no strange foods, no banned foods but good common sense tips for a lifestyle choice.

Skipping breakfast won’t help you lose weight. You could miss out on essential nutrients and you may end up snacking more throughout the day because you feel hungry.

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Hayfever – the curse of the Summer

It is almost Summer (although you would not know with the current weather!) and while most of us love the outdoors and sunshine for many people it is not a good time due to suffering from hayfever.

Did you know that hay fever can affect up to 1 in 5 of the UK population at some stage in their lives?

Symptoms of hayfever can include sneezing, a runny nose or itchy eyes. The symptoms are caused because of Pollen which is a fine powder which is released by plants as part of their reproductive cycle.  It will contain proteins which cause the nose, eyes, throats and sinuses to become  irritated and inflamed.


To avoid bringing pollen inside the home, do not dry laundry outside.


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Do you suffer from Odontophobia?

Do you suffer from fear of the dentist?

You are not alone. Approx 10% of the UK population have a fear of the dentist.

The three top fears are as follows:-

1. Spiders

2. Heights

3. Dentists

Fear of the dentist and receiving dental care  can also be referred to as odontophobia, dentophobia, dentist phobia, and dental anxiety.

Dental phobia must be tackled head on. Our oral care is vital for health and wellbeing. So below are some tips for help with the fear of the dentist.


Find a good dentist by recommendations from family and friends.










I am one of those people who are terrified of the dentist.  I believe it may have come from when I was younger and  had to go to the dentist many times . I never liked going to the dentist and it would take twice as long as normal as I used to always ask them to stop as the pain was really bad.

This fear as continued into my adult life and I have often stopped going to the dentist until absolutely necessary.. That was until a few months ago when I n found a fantastic dentist who is patient, caring and understanding.

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Do you suffer from Back pain?

How often do you complain about back ache?

While back ache is very common it can be very debilitating , Often the back ache is not caused by anything serious and will usually see improvement in around 6 weeks. However, if the symptoms continue or get worse please always go to see your Doctor or visit the local pharmacy.

I recently suffered a severe back ache which lasted for around 4 weeks.  I was in a lot of pain but managed to carry on with my day-to-day routine and some of the tips below really helped me






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