How to get FREE tickets to your favourite television shows

How to get FREE tickets to your favourite television shows

Do you love watching television shows and wonder how you can be part of the audience. For Free……

It it great fun seeing your favourite celebrities close up and having fun.

There are a growing number of TV programme  that are recorded in front of a live TV  audience and they want you to  be there…..

How to get FREE tickets to your favourite television shows
Why sit in front of the TV when you can be in the studio watching your favourite celebrities FOR FREE……


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What do passwords and dental hygiene have in common?

What do passwords and dental hygiene have in common?

When was the last time you changed your passwords on your PC?

Do you keep the same password for all your accounts including home and work?

If so you need to change them immediately.

This blog post will help with tips for staying on top of your passwords and make sure that you mange your online accounts more securely and avoid being hacked

Did you know that if any of your personal emails are hacked, your address book including any stored professional email will be exploited for phishing email attacks?

So act now with the following tips.

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How to try and stay safe. Link is from NPCC website

My thoughts are with the victims of last night’s attack, their families & the emergency services supporting them.

I found this on the NPCC website about how to try and stay safe  – It also includes a video which is very helpful

The UK will observe a minute’s silence on Tuesday at 1100 BST to remember those killed in the London attacks.


5 Tips on how to prevent lost luggage at airports

Below are 5 tips on how to prevent loss luggage at airports. Recently in the news there was a major problem at some of the UK airports when the baggage check in was not working after ‘computer said no’

This meant that all the passengers could not check in their luggage and it was going to be sent on separately to them at a later date. – not an ideal start to their holiday and very stressful for everyone.

So what can you do to make sure that your luggage does not get lost?

Below are 5 tips which means you and your luggage will not be parted at any time during the duration of your holiday (unless there is another major IT problem like the recent one!)

5 tips to prevent lost luggage at airports
Would you be able to spot YOUR suitcase

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5 Tips on choosing the right sunglasses

5 Tips on choosing the right sunglasses.   Over 11 million of the UK population will purchase a pair of sunglasses each year but are you buying the right glasses that are going to protect your eyes  or are you just looking for a fashion statement?

We all love wearing sunglasses as they certainly make it easier to see more clearly on a bright sunny day. This includes when you are out and about doing your everyday activities.

Below are 5 important things to consider when purchasing sunglasses so they help your eyes be protected from the sun.


5 Tips on choosing the right sunglasses
Sunglasses can be a fantastic fashion accessory. However the most important feature of them is to help most protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) ray


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Banish the Burglar



Banish the burglar  by following these Tips on stopping unwanted vistors to your home…………..

When and Where does a burglary happen?

Did you know….

  • Each year there are around 1 million burglaries,  and attempted  burglaries,
  • Every 40 seconds in the UK someone is  burgled.
  • Often burglaries are not pre planned but by criminals seeing an opportunity.
  •  57% of burglaries occur when someone is at home.
  • 56% of burglaries happen at night.
  • Banish the Burglar
    Most burglaries take place after dark; 10% occur in the morning, 20% in the afternoon, 32% in the evening and 23% during the night, whereas 30% occur in the weekend.


 The following tips should help you not receive an unwanted visitor


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Tips to stay cool in the hot weather

With the Bank Holiday approaching and the weather getting hotter here are a few tips to help you stay cool in the Sun……

Trying to remain cool in the hot weather can prove to be a nightmare. Even getting on the tube in this weather can be like sitting in a sauna – only slight more cramped!

Getting too warm can mean you suffer from dehydration and you could even get some heat related illnesses which can include heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

You must keep you body cool which in turn will help you remain calm. There are lots of simple and effective ways to stay cool in warm weather and further tips are below.

Water is essential for keeping you cool during hot weather


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Safety Tips When Cooking

The kitchen is the hub of activity and is one of the most dangerous places in the home. Not only are you working with hot surfaces and boiling water but in addition there are sharp knives and utensils that can give you a nasty injury in seconds.  So below are a few tips to stay safe in the kitchen.


safety tips when cooking
Kitchens are considered the heart of the home but they’re also home to a lot of equipment that can pose safety hazards

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