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Do you want to earn extra money for Christmas

Recently I did a post on tips for saving money at Christmas.

I also mentioned a few companies who were looking for Christmas staff.

Below are several more companies who are looking for Christmas staff (and I have also included the ones from my earlier post.

Of course I cannot guarantee these companies are still recruiting but you never know.

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Lottery of life …………

Do you dream of winning the lottery? If so you are like the majority of people who enter. Did you know that the chances of winning the lottery is around 1 in 14 million?

The weekly cost of entering a lottery can  range from £1 to £2 per entry.

Yet a growing number of Free lotteries are on the increase and I have investigated and joined 3 which I think are excellent and below are my reviews


There are a large number of FREE lotteries in the UK and they are growing all the time

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How SKY TV have given me a free cup of coffee every day (including weekends)

How often do you moan that you are paying too much for your TV subscription, home or car insurance, mobile phone contracts etc…In fact the list is endless.

But there is a way to save some money each month by haggling with your supplier.

How a quick telephone call to SKY means I now get a free coffee every day including weekends!

Thanks to SKY TV I now can get a free coffee every day including weekends

I want to tell you about how I have saved £300 a year with SKY TV with a simple telephone call. This is approx £5 a day – more than enough for a free coffee on the way to work each day (and while I am out shopping at weekends)

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Make money from your car parking space

What could you do with an extra £1000 tax free cash a year
You could………
  • Take a long romantic weekend break to your favourite European City and stay in a first class hotel
  • Treat yourself to that ‘sell out’ theatre or concert show
  • Enjoy a meal at a well-known restaurant of your choice
  • Pay off a few bills
  • Purchase a new outfit (or two)
In fact the list is endless….
So how can you achieve an extra £1000 tax free cash a year….

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Do not be a victim of ID Fraud


What is Identity Theft?

This theft is when your personal and private information including your name, address, date of birth etc are stolen and to be used to purchase goods and other services in your name.

How often do you just throw out your bank statement, utility bills or even credit card statements with your day-to-day rubbish?  You assume as your household rubbish is in a secure bin liner or rubbish collection bin that your identity is safe.


A fraudster does not need to break into your home to steal personal information

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Thinking of taking in a Lodger?

Thinking of taking in a Lodger?

Are you thinking of taking in a lodger? As you get older you may be thinking of how I can supplement my earnings/plan for retirement. One way is  by taking in a lodger.  This is currently very popular especially with the cost of living, higher bills etc. By renting out your spare room it is a good way of making extra income in effect for very little work.

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Gone Phishing – How to spot an email scam

There are numerous phishing scams that are currently doing the rounds, which you may have seen or read about.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is an email that is trying to obtain secure and sensitive information which includes passwords, usernames and credit card details.

One of the main ones is the CEO Fraud scam email which is one most employees should be aware of.

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