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Do not be a victim of ID Fraud

  What is Identity Theft? Do not be a victim of ID Fraud. This theft is when your personal and private information including your name, address, date of birth etc are stolen and to be used to purchase goods and Read more…

How Supermarkets make you spend more

I recently did a blog post on saving money at the supermarket and now following this up with how supermarkets make you spend more than you realise without even thinking about it.         Here are just a Read more…

Thinking of taking in a Lodger?

Thinking of taking in a Lodger? Are you thinking of taking in a lodger? As you get older you may be thinking of how I can supplement my earnings/plan for retirement. One way is  by taking in a lodger.  This is currently Read more…

Gone Phishing – How to spot an email scam

There are numerous phishing scams that are currently doing the rounds, which you may have seen or read about. What is Phishing? Phishing is an email that is trying to obtain secure and sensitive information which includes passwords, usernames and Read more…

Supermarket shopping money saving tips

Below are just a few tips to help you with Supermarket shopping Planning  I cannot stress enough as the saying goes …when you fail to plan you plan to fail.