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Why you should hire the over 50s


Why you should hire the over 50s


Why you should hire the over 50s

Women over 50 are key to the work place yet often we are overlooked by future employers

The benefits of hiring us include (but not limited to the following)

  • We have outstanding life experiences which we can share with younger colleagues
  • We will not be going on maternity leave at any stage
  • We will not be taking time off to look after our children
  • Older workers are motivated
  • We are satisfied with your job and unlikely to want to leave for pastures new
  • Older workers are likely to have more professional contacts and thus help their company grow even more
  • We are responsible and more likely to speak up when there is a work issue
  • We put the hours in and willing to stay late to get the job done
  • We take pride in our work and ourselves
  • We are very patient and understanding to our co workers
  • ¬†We solve problems and will find a solution and think outside the box

2 Replies to “Why you should hire the over 50s”

  • A lot of these points are so true about older workers, also from my experience of working in an office, older workers are far less likely to get embroiled in office politics and are also more efficient, probably following on from years of the multi tasking that is called raising a family.

    • Hi Suzanne
      Thank you for replying – you are my first comment.

      I could write a whole blog all about Women in the work place whoare over 50. Your comments are totally true yet employers are yet to understand that just because you are older does not mean that you are indeed (as my blog name states) over the hill and under the radar.

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