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Will a robot take my job?

Will a robot take my job? This is a question many people (including myself) often ask.

Job hunting is tough for everyone (as a job hunter I speak from personal experience)

While many jobs are created yearly there is now a chance that our jobs can be done by a robot. A frightening thought.

Will a robot take my job
Will all employees look like this in the future?

Did you know that between 400 to 800 million jobs we currently do could be automated by 2030.

Below is some further info on how to make sure a robot will not take over your job

There is a website https://willrobotstakemyjob.com/ where if you key in your current job title you will see how safe you are.

I am a Personal Assistant and according to the site there is a 96% chance my job will no longer be performed by a human. They give the reason as robots can perform routine admin work which will include drafting correspondence, making appointments and providing information to callers.

 Other jobs that could be at risk include fast food workers and supermarket assistants.
There is good news if you are a gardener, plumber or child care worker as according to reports these jobs will still need to be done by humans. The report also states that these jobs are technically difficult to do by a robot so this means that robot automation is not a good business proposition.
A report called Jobs lost, jobs gained: Workforce transitions in a time of automation’, was created by management consultancy firm, McKinsey. Which also stated that people working in processing mortgage applications, accounting and back office work are at a greater risk.
Will a robot take my job?

The report also states that while new jobs will be available people will need to learn new skills to secure a new job.   In addition it stated that workers in China are more likely to be affected by the change to automation.

Additional research has shown that around 4 million jobs in the UK from the private sector could be done by robots in the next 10 years. This means that around 15% of the current UK workforce could lose their jobs. There is some good news as there are always more opportunities to come along and many will require strong cognitive and social skills but what this states is that people will have to become more human.

Think of how many things are now automated. How often do you speak to a real human being when you call your bank?

We cannot stop progress but we must plan for it. This must be done because we are now fully aware of how much computer systems are becoming good at performing multi faceted tasks. For example how often do you speak to a real human being when you call your bank. Think about self drive cars. That means that all driving jobs could go. Driving cars should be a task that only humans can do yet we are seeing the increase of the driverless cars with all the recent news on this. In fact in Greenwich London recently they were testing driverless cars. https://www.theverge.com/2017/4/5/15188650/london-driverless-shuttle-service-pod-greenwich

This is a worrying trend and we do not have a crystal ball so cannot really say  how this will impact on us in the future but we all must be aware of advancements regardless of the outcome.

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  • Wow thats scary, my Dad was going on about driverless cars the other day, wont impact on me cause I never managed to pass a test. Would be quite good to sit in a car and not have to drive it in theory, but bloody scary in reality. Hoping that we dont get to a point where blogging can be done by robots.

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