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Could you be a Vegan?

Could you be a Vegan?

It is that time of year when everyone has made New Year Resolutions it could be losing weight, eating more healthier, being more productive etc. This year it seems that one resolution that many people are taking up is to become Vegan.  Personally I try to do one day  a week meat free but not sure I could be fully vegan.

So what is a Vegan and can it be a long-term success?

Could you be a Vegan

Not everyone wants to be a vegan and I am not saying we all should but it is worth a try.

What is a vegan?  A vegan does not eat meat, eggs or any dairy products which come from animals. They also avoid using any animal products which include (but not limited to leather).

 However over the last 10 years or so more people are eating a plant-based diet and in fact this has risen by over 300% during the last decade. In fact there are now over 3 million vegans int he UK.

Just take a walk around your local supermarket and we can see there is a lot more vegan friendly food around (and no doubt the vegan choices will increase dramatically).  We now see a lot of dairy free milk alternatives (in fact I do like the taste of Soya milk on my cereal but sadly need actual milk for my tea and coffee!)

One new vegan option is now Jack Fruit which I found in Asda today.  The Jack fruit is purchased in a can and can be found in the World Food section. The cans in Asda cost 1.20 and is considered a meat substitute. It is often used in vegetarian meals and has the similar texture to pulled pork when you marine it in a bbq sauce.

Could you be a vegan?

If you wish to go Vegan I recommend you start slowly so your body can get used to it (if you are unsure about medical issues then please speak to your GP)

It is a lifestyle choice and like all dietary changes it can take time to get used to it. After all one size does not fit all. The easiest way would be to slowly increase the amount of plant-based foods into your diet. For example try a vegan breakfast on day one, have a vegan lunch on the second day and a vegan dinner on day three. Perhaps then try day 4 all vegan. You might just want to start with having soya milk in your breakfast each day for a week. Also have a look at other alternative vegan foods which include tofu, quorn, and even vegan cheeses. You can quite easily adapt many of your favourite meals. One food I really enjoy is quorn mince which I often use in a spaghetti Bolognese and you cannot tell the difference.

When eating vegan food you could find that the flavour may not be what you are used to as the fat and salt from the animal products often make the food taste nice. So do make sure you add a lot of different flavours so you can really enjoy the food. This can include adding walnuts, avocados, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and unrefined sea salt. Your food will take on a fresh new flavour.

I hope these few tips help you try to enjoy a meal or two that are vegan friendly.




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