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I never knew you could do that with an Orange (and other superfoods)


I neve knew you could to that with an orange (and other super foods)

Superfoods are foods that are healthy and nutritious. Below are a few Superfoods and their benefits


Oranges are a great source of Vitamins C which can help absorbed iron rich foods more easily. In addition oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin B which can not only help with cholesterol but can also keep your digestive system on par. Another benefit is that they can help boost your wellbeing and improve your mental outlook.

I never knew you could do that with Oranges (and other superfoods)
Oranges can be kept at room temperature for a week.







Other uses for Oranges

  • They can keep cats away from your garden plants. Simply cut the peel into small slices and place around your garden and plants. Cats hate the smell of oranges.
  • Orange peel can also be used in the bath. Prepare a warm bath and add some cut orange peel to the running water. Do not add any other bubble bath or soap to your bath as the goodness of the oranges will be counterproductive. After 15 minutes step into the bath for a long relaxing soak
  • Oranges can get rid of ants – chop up a few peels of oranges, place in a food mixer and blend for around 5 minutes. Then add some water and blend until smooth. You then pour this onto the area near the ants and hopefully they should disappear. This is great also for when you are having a picnic or bbq.


We always associate Garlic with vampires but that is not their only use!

Garlic has been around for hundreds of year and is widely associated with both food and medicine. Garlic can treat a wide range of conditions including blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Garlic is very low in calories but is very high in nutrients. It contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, fibre and Manganese.

Garlic can be added to a variety of foods including stews, spaghetti Bolognese and soups.

To get rid of the aftertaste of raw garlic then chew some parsley. This herb can act as an excellent breath freshener









Other uses for garlic

  • You can make a surface cleaner without the harsh chemicals – Just get a garlic clove and chop around 4 cloves of garlic. Place the cloves into a spray bottle filled with white vinegar. Add a few drops of lemon oil and shake for a few minutes. Then spray (please do a small test before liberally applying over the surface)
  • Garlic can help with a cough – Get a few garlic gloves and ground them in a food mixer. Add hot water and strain through a sieve for around five minutes. Drink the liquid as you would if you were having a cup of tea. To make it slightly more tasty you can add some honey or ginger (if your cough persists do visit your local pharmacy or Doctor)


Onions are an excellent source of Vitamins C and also B6, Iron, folate and potassium.

The best way to get the full goodness and health benefits of onions is to let them breathe around 10 minutes after you have sliced them and before cooking them.

Did you know the biggest onion grown weighed around 5kg.








Onions can be added to all types of foods including roasts, soups, omelette, quiche and not forgetting the staple cheese and onion sandwiches.

Many people suffer from tears when peeling or chopping an onion. To prevent this try some of the following tips

  • Chop the onion with a piece of bread hanging from your mouth
  • Peel the onion under water
  • Microwave the onion for around 45 seconds
  • Chew gum

Other uses for Onions

  • Ease a bee sting – getting stung by a bee is not a pleasant experience – it hurts! So if you are ever stung by a bee and have a nearby onion you place a slice of the onion on the sting area and this will immediately ease the pain of the sting.
  • You can get rid of the smell of paint by leaving an open onion on a plate filled with water near the paint area overnight


Tomatoes have many health benefits and can provide you with many natural vitamins. A tomato contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, as well as significant amounts of vitamin B6, folate, and thiamine. In addition tomatoes are an excellent source of fibre.

If you only eat one superfood a day it is recommended that it should be a tomato. One of your five a day can have an excellent effect on your health.

I never knew you could do that with Oranges (and other superfoods)
Is the tomato a fruit or veg? It is technically a fruit as it has seeds in it. and this puts the tomatoes in the same botanical class as a berry.








Below are some health benefits of tomatoes

  • Improve your skin
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Help prevent kidney and gall bladder stone
  • Improve your digestion and prevent constipating
  • Healthy hair

Other use for Tomatoes

  • Make a face pack – Take a few fresh tomatoes and cut each tomato into 2 slices. Now take one slice of the tomato and dunk into some sugar and rub these tomatoes onto your face. By doing this you will be having a natural exfoliation to your skin. You will be removing dead skin cells from your face and afterwards wash your face and you will clearly see your skin glowing.
  • Sunburn – place a few sliced tomatoes on your sunburn to ease the pain

I hope this article is of interest to you and that maybe you will try these foods and perhaps even use some of the tips as well. Who knew superfoods could be so versatile.



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