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Are you dying for a cigarette?

Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable deaths in England, accounting for more than 80,000 deaths each year. One in two smokers will die from a smoking-related disease.

If you could see inside your body you would see the damage it can do – so stop.

Smoking is not fashionable, it is not trendy it is dangerous.

Smoking not only affects the inside of the body but the outside as well as it aids wrinkles that alone should be a reason to quit if nothing else.

Are you dying for a cigarette

A few facts on Women who smoke

If you started smoking as a teenager (usually parent rebellion or to fit in with your peers and be ‘cool’ at school) then this can increase early menopause by up to three times.  Likewise smokers will notice menopause symptoms around 3 years earlier than non smokers. Who wants the menopause earlier that expected. It is bad enough when it arrives at the normal scheduled time.

Often women going through the Menopause use HRT.  However, why some women swear by HRT (I had not taken HRT while in menopause but that was a personal choice).  The benefits will be greatly reduced if you smoke as this will increase cardiovascular and other health risks associated with smoking while taking HRT.

If you are going to take HRT you should speak to your Doctor especially if you are a smoker.

You have money to burn

The recent budget has increased the price of cigarettes which could increase from around £9.50 a packet to approx £10.26 a packet (for 20). Also packs of 10 cigarettes will no longer be available from the beginning of May. This is according to the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association.

Based on the revised  estimated figure of £10.26 a pack the cost of smoking over a year could be as follows:-

£10.26 a day

£312.08 per month

£3,744.90 per year

Clearly if you smoke you literally have money to burn.

Put that money away for something useful – perhaps that long-awaited holiday you have been promising yourself for ages.  Just think of lazy days on a lovely hot beach every time you want to light up.


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Work out what day you wish to stop.  Like diets we always start on a Monday and give up by Wednesday so choose a day and time when you will be busy so will not have time to even think about smoking.

Before the big day make sure all cigarettes are thrown out of your home and this includes ash trays. Put plenty of no smoking notices around your house and even in your bag. Do not save a few for emergencies.

You may be worried you are going to put on weight so stock up on plenty of raw vegetables which can include celery and carrot sticks. These can help you when you want to reach for a cigarette.

Take more exercise.  Go for a walk around the block when cravings strike. Why not go swimming or join a gym. Let’s face it the money you save on cigarettes you can afford a gym subscription!

You could join a support group in your local area.  Like dieting when joining a support group you are more likely to succeed when others are also going through the same emotions etc.

Call the NHS Smoke free Helpline on 0300 123 1044 open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm, and Saturday to Sunday 11am to 4pm.  This support line is for England only.

There are also nicotine replacement patches which may also assist.  However as I am not a medical expert I suggest as always you speak to your Doctor or your local pharmacy.

Your Doctor may be able to assist with other methods that could be available by prescription.

Avoid social situations for a few weeks where you know there will be other smokers.

Do try to change your routine before or after meals.

Keep your hands and mouth busy – why not take up knitting or purchase one of those adult colouring books.

When you are out in social situations try putting your drink in the hand that you usually hold a cigarette in or drink from a straw which will keep your mouth busy.

Be Loud and proud that you are now a non-smoker and good luck if you are trying to quit.








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