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When did you last have an eye test?

When did you last have an eye test? You must take care of your eyes and you only have one pair and blindness can be prevented with regular eye check ups.

When did you last have an eye test
When did YOU last have an eye test?









It is recommend you have your eyes tested every 1-2 years and this is dependent on your age, any risk factors and also if you wear contact lenses or not.you have a tooth ache you go to your dentist as you are getting pain. However unless you have a regular eye check up  you will not know anything is wrong with your sight.

As we get older we assume our failing eyesight is due to old age but by having a regular eye check this can remedy any problems you are having and also get stronger glasses where necessary thus putting less strain on your eye sight.

By having an eye examination it can detect any early signs of any major eye sight problems and this can also include detecting health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and even a brain tumour.

Having an eye test can also confirm if you need stronger or a different type of prescription for your glasses.

Good vision is essential to your daily life and can make your working and daily life better and much safer. It is so important so ask yourself when did you last have an eye test

What happens at an eye test

An eye examination is carried out by an optometrist and usually takes around 30-40 minutes. It may take longer if you need additional tests but that is worth it as if anything is wrong it can be dealt with asap.

During an eye test there are various tests the optician will do and these can include the following:-

  • A standard eye chart.
  • Cover test to check eye alignment.
  • Manual refraction with a phoropter.
  • Slit lamp exam of the front of the eye.
  • Applanation tonometry (glaucoma test)
  • Exam of retina after pupil dilation.

An eye test is quick and painless and is essential to your well-being so make sure you get your eyes tested on a regular basis.

What happens after your eye test

After the eye test your optician will advise if you your eye sight needs correcting and if so you will then be referred for further investigation.

Your optician will also confirm the following and will give you what is known as an optical statement or perception to confirm the following:-

  • You do not require glasses
  • Your current glasses will not need to be changed
  • You have a new prescription for glasses
  • You are being referred to your GP or Eye Clinic
  • You can take your new or changed prescription to any supplier to have your glasses made up.

Safer Driving

When driving it is essential that you have good vision not only to keep you safe but to prevent you have an accident and incurring not only yourself  and your passengers but other motorists.

Do make sure that your glasses are kept clean and not broken and make sure that your windscreen has been cleaned both inside and out. This should be part of keeping your car maintained.

When driving do not use tinted glasses when there is poor visibility and never wear tinted glasses driving at night.

Check on the medical prescriptions you are taking.  Can they affect your ability to drive, especially if they make you drowsy.

During night-time driving do not spend too long looking at on coming headlights as it can take a while for your eyes to recover. Instead try to look slight to the left of any oncoming vehicles.

It has been estimated that around 45% of drivers never have their eyes tested on a regular basis – this is a shocking statistic. Also research has indicated that around 10% of the drivers would fail their driving test due to poor eyesight.


When did you last have an eye test

Why not make that Opticians appointment tomorrow?

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  • I get mine done every 1-2 years as advised – eyes are so important to life so I want to look after mine!

  • I haven’t had an eye test in a long time and I didn’t realize that you should get one every 1-2 years. My son has trouble seeing the whiteboard at school so I’ve been considering taking him in and I think having my eyes tested could be good. I’ll have to remember that eye tests can help determine if I need glasses as well as make sure that there aren’t any other eye related diseases.

    • Thank you. Yes it is so important to get a regular eye check at least once every 2 years (or when recommended
      Hope you enjoy my blog posts.

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