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Do you suffer from Back pain?

Do you suffer from back pain? How often do you complain about back ache?

While back ache is very common it can be very debilitating , Often the back ache is not caused by anything serious and will usually see improvement in around 6 weeks. However, if the symptoms continue or get worse please always go to see your Doctor or visit the local pharmacy.

I recently suffered a severe back ache which lasted for around 4 weeks.  I was in a lot of pain but managed to carry on with my day-to-day routine and some of the tips below really helped me

Do you suffer from back pain






Research has shows that back pain affects all age groups but is more common in the Over 50s. Did you know that according to the  UK Statistics Authority that around 4 million working days were lost by employees over 50 in 2014?

Why are we suffering so much back pain?  One reason is mainly due to the fact we sit down for most of the day while we are at work.  We are chained to our PC. So always make sure you take a regular 5 min break every hour if you are working all day at a PC.  Get up and take a short walk to the photocopier, make a cup of tea or go and speak to a college at the end of the office.

Below are a few tips which should be able to provide you with some pain relief and make you get on with your day.

Sleeping – When you are sleeping make sure you have a cushion supporting your back and your side. Bring your knees up and if you can place a cushion also between your legs.  Make sure you have a good comfortable mattress as well.  Mattresses should be changed every 8 years.  If your mattress is older than this perhaps this is why you may wake up each morning with a back pain.


Pain relief – There are non steroid anti inflammatory tablets which include Ibupufren which can offer immediate back pain relief. These can be purchased at  your local chemist or supermarket and you will not need a prescription.  However please make sure you read the instructions as often they are not suitable if you are taking certain medications, have high blood pressure or pregnant.  Always speak to the pharmacist before making a purchase.  You can also get some muscle relaxants from your GP which may be available on prescription. What ever tablets you take make sure you do not exceed the stated dose and always keep out of reach of children.

Heat Pads  – You can purchase heat pads from local supermarkets as well as the Chemist.  Please make sure you read the instructions fully. Heat will help loosen your tight muscles and thus increase circulation. You could also have a hot relaxing bath if your back pain is not too severe. This would be excellent before you retire to bed for the night.

Cold compress  – Why not use a packet of frozen peas if you do not have an ice pack?. This can be very beneficial if used within the first 48 hours after the pain has started.  Try to keep the cold compress on your back for around 15 minutes and try to do this a few times a day.

Exercise – By doing exercise can be a great pain relief – why not consider taking a yoga class to improve your posture and over all wellbeing. If you can manage it try a few gentle stretches. Yoga can also help you build strength in your muscles. In addition Yoga can help improve your breathing and thus aid relaxation help improve back pain by loosening tight muscles and building strength   .  Yoga also focuses on relaxation, which may help to ease your muscles as well as reduce pain perception.






Walking – Why not try going a short walk as this can aid the pain relief. It is always best to try to remain as active as you can.  By not being active can sometimes increase back pain and reduce muscle strength.

Stay positive – As someone who has had back pain I know how difficult it can be to remain upbeat and positive.  Every move you make is a constant reminder of your pain.  Remember that if you stay positive (and active) despite the pain you are more likely to recover faster.

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