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Tips to avoid food poisoning while on holiday

One of the best things about visiting new countries is sampling the local delicacies. This could be snails in Paris or shellfish in Thailand (and everything in between).  You want to be able to enjoy and sample all the food.

Recent figures have shown that 6 out of 10 British people will fall ill on holiday each year with around 600  suffering from serious food poisoning.

Below are some tips to avoid making sure that the places you intend to visit on your trip do not include the local Doctors or hospital.

 Tips to avoid food poisoning while on holiday
Being sick on holiday is a sure-fire way to ruin any trip. Do not let this happen to you.

Plan ahead before you go

Make sure a few weeks before your holiday that you try to boost your immune system which will help you banish any germs  you may pick up while on holiday. So make sure you do some exercise in the few weeks before. Also eat more fruit and vegetables. Try to also get a few early nights prior to your trip.

 Best tips so you can avoid food poisoning

Do not drink the local water. Always use bottled or sterilised if you are worried about the local water.

Do not have ice in your drinks. The only way to make sure the ice is safe is to check if the ice was made from treated or chlorinated water.

Tips to avoid food poisoning while on holiday
Avoid ice in your drinks –
It is just the local tap water in a different form.

If you’re heading somewhere with a dodgy water supply – you’ll likely be warned several times in the run up to your trip, but it’s always worth checking – drink only bottled water or beverages.

Try to make sure the food you eat is fresh and well-cooked and not served to you cold or tepid (unless it is a salad!). However, it is best to even avoid salads as they may have been washed in contaminated water. When your food is presented to you and it is not hot then do not eat as otherwise you could get a serious illness.. This is so essential especially if you are eating chicken. Remember that if any foods are left out at a warm temperature bacteria will start to develop.

Do not eat any uncooked food unless you can peel or shell it yourself.

Tips to avoid food poisoning while on holiday
When having an ice-cream make sure that you only purchase them from reputable sources. Some ice-cream sellers (in particular portable ones) may not have suitable refrigeration and the ice creams could have melted and been refrozen.

Be careful with fish and shellfish – uncooked fish is very dangerous.

Finding a new restaurant on your holiday – Stick to recommended restaurants – Of course you will want to explore new cuisine. Sometimes the tourist restaurants can be lower quality and sadly more expensive. BUT they are tried and tested so essentially a lot safer. You will be unlikely to get food poisoning from a restaurant where many tourists have eaten before you.  If you do decide to venture further afield please do your research beforehand. Get good recommendations from family and friends who may have visited the area beforehand. When abroad I always make a bee line for the restaurants that have the local people eating there.

What to do if you get food poisoning

Symptoms of food poisoning can include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Raised Temperature
  • Muscle Aches

If sadly you do get a bout of food poisoning while on holiday make sure that you drink plenty of fluids as this will help prevent dehydration. Plus make sure you get plenty of rest. This may mean avoiding the excursions you may have already booked. If  you can try to visit the local pharmacy for some Oral rehydration solutions. Or even better bring some medication with you ‘just in case’

Avoiding alcohol, caffeine, fizzy drinks and spicy or fatty foods is important as these will only increase your discomfort.

If sadly you do become ill on holiday you must seek medical attention while in the resort. Speak to your rep if you can. By doing so this will increase your chances of making a legal claim for your discomfort when you return. However please note your claim must be genuine as this link shows that many people try to claim falsely https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/24/hotels-compensation-spain-cyprus-bogus-food-poisoning-claims

I hope these tips will help you have a fantastic and trouble-free holiday.








3 Replies to “Tips to avoid food poisoning while on holiday”

  • Some excellent tips! I’ve only just been on my first holiday and was aware to use bottled water, and thankfully they were all included under the ‘all inclusive’ price of the holiday, which was lucky and very useful!
    Caz x

    • Thank you. It seems that more and more all inclusive holidays seem to be the major cause of food poisoning. Always be aware!

    • Thank you. It seems that more and more all inclusive holidays seem to be the major cause of food poisoning. Always be aware!

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