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10 alternative uses for Dental Floss

Dental floss is something most of us use to help keep our teeth healthy. But did you know there are other alternates that dental floss can be used for.

Below are 10 alternative uses for Dental floss

10 alternative uses for Dental Floss


10 Alternative uses for Dental Floss


Repair your glasses

Have you ever lost one of those small screws that are attached to the earpiece which is attached to the front of the frame. Did you know that if you thread a small piece of the dental floss through the hole where the screw goes though and then knot the floss (remembering to cut off the excess) then the floss will help you wear your glasses until you can get to the opticians to get a replacement pair.

10 alternative uses for dental floss

Hang a picture

No string to hang a picture then use dental floss to hang your picture. By using dental floss this will keep the paint on the walls scratch free.


Do you know someone who going fishing – next time give them some dental floss so if the fishing line breaks they can use dental floss as a fishing line.


Dental floss can be a great emergency shoelace. Just thread the dental floss though the eyelets and there you have an emergency shoe lace repair. At least you will not lose your shoes and can then get to a store for replacement laces.


If you need to repair an item of clothing in an emergency then thread some dental floss though a needle and you can then sew the item for an emergency repair.

Remove a ring

There is nothing worse than trying to get a ring off when your finger is swollen. So if this happens then use some dental floss to help remove your ring. Wrap the floss around your finger from the tip down to the ring. This will help reduce the size of your finger without cutting off the circulation and stop the need to visit the local hospital. You will find that the ring will then slide over the floss and will be easily removed.

Cut a cake

Do not have a knife available then you can use dental floss to cut your cake.  Just wrap a length of dental floss around one finger on each hand and you can cut a slice of cake into a simple slice. This is much neater, cleaner and safer then using a knife. You can also use this tip to cut fruit, cheese, bread and even hard-boiled eggs.

10 alternative uses for dental floss


Wrapping presents

If you have no string to wrap a present then use dental floss to secure the package.

Use as a furniture cleaner

You can use dental floss to get the dust and dirt out from in between cracks of furniture. It is a great alternative for any really tight spaces where dirt will need to be removed.

Your photo album

A lot of us still have photo albums and you often find that the photos will stick to the transparent pages in your album and this can damage the photos if you try to take them out. If you use some dental floss by sliding a piece of the floss in the page to separate the photo from it.

Photographs have a frustrating tendency to stick to the transparent pages in a photo album, putting them at risk for damage when you want to take them out. Get your hands on the picture without ruining it by sliding a piece of floss in the page to separate the photo from it


10 alternative uses for dental floss



While these tips are fun please remember that dental floss is primary to help you keep your teeth  healthy. So not only is it the best way to avoid bad breath but continued use of dental flossing will help keep your teeth healthy and keep dental problems to a minimum. Remember it is vital you see your dentist every 6 months.

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