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10 amazing things to do with used tea bags

This post is all about 10 amazing things to do with used tea bags.

We all enjoy a cup of tea first thing in the morning. But used tea bags do not need to just be thrown away.

Did you know we make over 160,000 cups of tea a day and a vast amount of the tea is brewed using tea bags. What do you normally do after removing the tea bag. If like me you end up throwing it in the bin then you are not alone. But did you know there are some surprising things you can do with a used tea bag – and not just using it make another cup of tea….

So why not have a look below at 10 amazing things to do with used tea bags


10 amazing things to do with used tea bags

 10 amazing things to do with used tea bags

Help remove dark circles and renew tired puffy eyes

You will need two used tea bags and make sure they are cool and place them over your closed eyes. because of the tannins in the tea bags this will help reduce any puffiness and help soothe your tired eyes. Then find a quiet spot and lie back and rest for 15 minutes. 


Have clean and sparking mirrors and windows 

Do you want to have sparkling mirrors then you need to use tea bags. Simply wipe your mirror and windows with used tea bags and then buff them with a paper towel or a clean soft towel. Again the tannic will work its magic and leave the glass sparkling clean. Just think you will not be putting any more harsh chemicals onto your mirrors or windows.


Get clean fresh breath

You will need to brew the tea twice and this will work as a really good natural mouthwash and this can leave you with fresh breath. If you brew weak tea with used tea bags and gargle this will work really well. The best tea bags for this will be peppermint tea.


Have a DIY home facial

Instead of visiting your local beauty salon for a facial then simply save money by using tea bags. Place a brewed tea bag in a large bowl of hot water. Cover your head and position your face just above the bowl with a towel to make sure the steam does not escape. The tannins and antioxidants in the tea are meant to tighten your pores, help reduce any puffiness in the face and leave your face clean and glowing.


Help with breaking down hard to dissolve grease in the dishwasher

Have you used your dishwasher to get rid of a lot of grease on your crockery only to find that when you take the items out of the dishwasher there are still some hard to remove marks on the items. Then simply soak the dish overnight with hot water and a few brewed tea bags and again the tannins from the tea will break down the grease and by the morning your crockery will be grease free

10 amazing things to do with used tea bags


Clean your carpets and rugs

You will need to save several brewed tea bags to help clean your carpets and rugs. This is also excellent for pet bedding. Empty the dry contents from several of the brewed tea bags onto the carpets or pet bedding that you wish to reduce the smell from.  Leave for around 15 minutes then deodorized the area and vacuum. This will leave a clean refreshing scent of tea behind. In addition this will also deodorized the vacuum cleaner bag at the same time.


Clean your toilet

No need to spend a fortune on toilet cleaning products when a few used tea bags will do the trick. So leave pre boiled tea bags in the toilet over night and flush away the next morning. This should remove all the stubborn stains that are difficult to remove.


Get rid of smells from your fridge and ashtrays

No one likes a smelly fridge or the remains of cigarettes, but a used teabag can help get rid (or at least help reduce) the smells. So place a used tea bag in the fridge or place in the ashtray to help get rid of smells.


Add extra flavour to your pasts and grains

We often add herbs to get extra flavour when making pasta or rice dishes. Now you can add used tea bags. After brewing your tea hang the pre brewed bags into a pot of water while it comes to the boil to flavour the water. Then remove the used tea bags and add to your pasta, grains or rice. Why not try some different flavoured tea bags such as jasmine for rice or green tea with pasta.

10 amazing things to do with used tea bags

Grow better plants in your garden

Love your garden and have green fingers and want better plants. Then use a tea bags. Empty out several of your tea bags into a watering can and add water and then tend your plants. This works well with plants that grow better with less acidic soil as the used tea bag leaves will help nourish your plants and help keep them more alkaline


Finally…I hope these few tips on 10 amazing things to do with used tea bags will help with using old tea bags. Moist tea bags can often be kept at room temperature for a day or two maximum. You can of course put them in the fridge as this can help prevent bacteria and mould growth. The tea bags like all natural foods will of course decay and rot after a short period of time. If your old tea bags start to smell them simply do not use them. Just use a new tea bag instead after having it as a cup of tea.

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