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10 reasons why you should make your bed each day

Below are 10 reasons why you should make your bed each day


Making your bed starts the day off right

It only takes a few minutes to make your bed and it should be the first thing you do each day. It will start the day off well as it will be one thing accomplished at the start of the day. You will feel motivated as one task is out-of-the-way and this will set you up for a good day.

It will encourage you to keep the rest of the bedroom tidy

By making your bed it will make the rest of the bedroom look more styled. This will also encourage you to keep the rest of the bedroom neat and tidy. You may also feel inspired to improve your bedroom in other ways even if just small changes.

Making your bed will help lower your stress levels

We all sped an average of one-third of our life in the bedroom. Having a messy bedroom will have a bad effect on your life. It will be difficult to feel calm and relaxed with all the clutter around (including that messy bed!) Making your bed shows that you care about not only yourself but your home as well.

You will sleep better

A survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that if you make your bed each day you are more likely to get a good nights sleep compared to those that do not make their beds


Below are 10 reasons why you should make your bed each day

Having trouble sleeping at night?

Making your bed will not cure any insomnia but by turning down the bed each night before you retire can become a nighttime ritual that can signal to the brain that it is now time for sleep.

The best feeling is getting into a  made bed at the end of the day (especially if the sheets are freshly washed!). A tidy bed may help you sleep more soundly as it creates a peaceful environment to wind down especially if you have had a busy or stressful day.

Your guests are not embarrassed.

Imagine the scene – you have not made  your bed (or even tidied the bedroom) and then you get an unexpected visitor at your home. After a while they may wish to use the bathroom and may walk past your bedroom and see the untidy mess. You could just laugh about it but you may feel embarrassed. However, if you had made the bed in the morning the room would appear to be more tidy and no embarrassing moments.

Making your bed will help with any allergies you may have

If you make your bed daily then the covers will be pulled up during the day so less dust and allergies will not get between your sheets

It will save you money

Making your bed each day can actually help your bedding and pillows look nicer for longer. By smoothing out the sheets will lessen the wrinkles. If you fluff up your pillows they will keep their shape for much longer. Also if you have any pets it will make it harder for them to burrow into  your sheets and thus avoiding them shredding or scratching holes in the fabrics.

Your bedroom will be clean

By not making your bed each day can mean that dust and dirt will float onto your sheets and also underneath the quilt cover during the day.

How to get into the habit of making your bed each morning

  • Set a reminder on your mobile phone for 5 minutes after you wake up
  • Have a post it note on your bedroom door to read Make My Bed
  • Give yourself a reward – after a full week of making your bed each morning treat yourself to something small such as a cup of your favourite coffee at the local coffee shop. You will enjoy it much more as that is your reward/treat for the week.

I hope you found these tips useful – sweet dreams.

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