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10 tips on how to improve low self esteem

Tips on how to improve low self-esteem

We all like to feel confident in our daily lives. Sometimes however we look around at everyone else and they seem super confident. How do they manage this?

Below are 10 tips on how to improve your self-esteem.

Be positive about yourself and life

You must always think of yourself as a special and valuable member of society. Dispel negative comments about yourself and change to positive ones. Identify any negative thoughts you have such has I am useless. Change this to positive thoughts. Think about all your friends and family who do love and respect you.


10 tips on how to improve low self esteem


Wear clothes you love

Stop thinking ‘This is for special occasions only’ to that outfit you keep at the back of the wardrobe. Get it out and wear it. Every day is a special occasion.

 tips on how to improve low self esteem

Change a bad habit

Is there a small bad habit you have? I am not talking here about the usual ones of stop smoking, stop biting nails etc but smaller ones you can accomplish (although the first two are good ones to change of Couse”

One example is to make sure you drink more water. So for a month when you wake up drink a glass of water immediately. After a month of doing this one small change you will feel amazing and then you may want to start working on any other bad habits you may have.

10 tips on how to improve low self esteem

Eat healthy as part of a good balanced healthy diet.

Even if you are alone make a good meal for yourself. Try out a new recipe each week. You will really feel satisfied and pleased. Likewise you will enjoy the food more. Why not arrange with some friends to have a ‘new recipe weekly get together’

10 tips on how to improve low self esteem


Take time for exercise

This does not mean hitting the gym for 1 hour every day. In fact I hate the gym.

Go for a walk every day – walk to the next bus stop instead of your regular one and likewise on the return journey get off one or two stops before your main stop.

Walk up the escalators when out and about. This can be at train stations, the tube or even in shopping centres. Avoid taking the lift where necessary.

Do you know someone who has a dog (that is easy to manage!) then offer to do dog walking for them. That will get you out and about on a regular basis. Also you have now committed to someone to help them so you have more chance of sticking to your promise.

Make other people feel confident

If you are feeling confident then this will be like a mirror image to other people. We make other people feel as we are and so we project this on to others. Imagine if this was the other way round people would be feeling negative. Helping other people feel confident, this will came back and brings you more confidence in return.

10 tips on how to improve low self esteem

Take part in all fun activities

Enjoy yourself. By having fun you will release all stress in your life. You will take all the negative ideas out of your head and all that will be left will be room for positive thoughts. Having fun will make you feel happy about yourself.

10 tips on how to improve low self esteem

Meet with friends

You may want to enjoy life without friends but nothing beats meeting up with friends and having a good catch up. Friends will be part of your primary support group and friends will provide you with good conversation if you are feeling down.

10 tips on how to improve low self esteem


Speak clear and slowly

This may sound strange but it can have a vast impact on how people see you. Think about someone in authority. They speak slowly as it shows confidence. Someone who has low self esteem and feels worthless is more likely to speak quickly as they feel they do not want to keep others waiting or what they are saying is not worth listening to. So try to speak slowly. Why not record your speech and play back. Try to dod this a few times and it will make you feel more confident.

10 tips on how to improve low self esteem

Do not slouch

When I stand tall with good posture I feel confident and secure in myself.

10 tips on how to improve low self esteem

I hope these few tips will help you with growing your confidence


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