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5 Tips on choosing the right sunglasses

5 Tips on choosing the right sunglasses.   Over 11 million of the UK population will purchase a pair of sunglasses each year but are you buying the right glasses that are going to protect your eyes  or are you just looking for a fashion statement?

We all love wearing sunglasses as they certainly make it easier to see more clearly on a bright sunny day. This includes when you are out and about doing your everyday activities.

Below are 5 important things to consider when purchasing sunglasses so they help your eyes be protected from the sun.


5 Tips on choosing the right sunglasses
Sunglasses can be a fantastic fashion accessory. However the most important feature of them is to help most protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) ray


Total coverage – check the sticker – It is vital that when you purchase a pair of sunglasses that the one thing you look for is a sticker or label  confirming that the sunglasses will block 100 percent of the UV rays. It has been estimated that over 50 percent of people who purchase sunglasses do not check if the lenses will protect their eyes  from ultraviolet light.

The more coverage from the sunglasses means than less sun damage will be inflicted  on the eyes. It is recommended that for total coverage that you buy oversized glasses or the popular wraparound glasses which also will help cut down the UV rays entering the eyes from the side.

You do not have to spend a fortune – Buying a pair of Sunglasses does not have to be expensive. By paying more does not guarantee they are any better than the less expensive sunglasses. As long as they sunglasses you are purchasing is clearly marked 100 percent UV-blocking then they will just as good as dearer ones.

What about my hobbies – If you are planning a trip away for example you enjoy surfing or planning a ski-ing trip then make sure the sunglasses you intend to purchase are wrapped around and curve around the eyes. This is essential that this is below the eyes as the reflected rays will come from below.  If you are a regular driver make sure the sunglasses do not restrict your peripheral vision as that could be dangerous

Tinted lenses – The tints that are applied to the sunglasses lenses will help absolve the light as it passes though them. What colour you decide to purchase is certainly a matter of personal choice but there are several important factors to consider regarding coloured lenses.

Below are just a few different coloured lenses and their uses.

Green Lenses – these will decrease the glare and aid in filtering out some blue light. They also will offer good contracts between objects

Grey Lenses will help reduce the brightness but will not distort any colour

Rose Lenses – If you are an active fan of water sports or other outdoor activities these are the best ones to purchase as they will offer a good contract for objects that are viewed against any blue or green backgrounds

Getting the correct fit – If after reading this article so far… you have now decided to purchase a pair of sunglasses it is no good following the tips referred to in this blog post if the sunglasses will not fit you properly!

You do not want your sunglasses falling off – think running for the train or bus in the morning. How annoying if your sunglasses fall off. Likewise if they are too small as the pressure would be very uncomfortable and this could cause you to get headaches or even worse a migraine. So treat trying on a pair of sunglasses the same way you would when you visit your optician for regular glasses. This includes testing the movement of your face. Why not shake your head to see if the frames move up your cheeks or even slide down your nose (how annoying would it be). No matter how much you like the sunglasses if they do not fit it is a waste of money.

Sunglasses are an important investment and they must do their job even if the sunglasses are just for general use such as day-to-day activities or even that surfing or ski-ing trip.

While sunglasses have the usual properties of helping cope with sun protection and barrier protection it is vital that you choose a pair that will offer the best protection for you and are also comfortable and fit well.


6 Replies to “5 Tips on choosing the right sunglasses”

  • Some good tips, especially about the UV sticker because like you say, as long as they provide you with the right protection you needn’t spend a fortune on them. I need to get a new pair soon as mine are just about to fall apart (again!) but I tend to struggle finding a good fit of the aviator style I like because my face seems quite small for them all! x

    • Thank you. Yes I find that it can take me ages to get the right fit when choosing both glasses and sunglasses. The UV tip is so important

  • The only thing I would say with regard to expensive v cheap sunglasses Is I’d have thought you’re more like to get better fitting ones if you buy the more expensive ones. Also, & this is something I’ve always wondered, how do you get sunglasses that fit correctly? If you buy ordinary prescription glasses from an opticians not only are the frames measured to fit you but you get free support with your glasses for as long as you need whereas in buying sunglasses from anywhere that sells sunglasses from Boots to Next to the local pound shop not only don’t you get that support but think of how many people will have tried them on before you buy them!

    • Thank you. Some great observations. Most opticians can help if the glasses do not fit. But I agree it can be difficult to get the right pair. I have never thought about someone else trying them on before me…I will from now on!

  • Great tips! Choosing glasses is never easy for me. I’m always worried that the frames won’t look good with my face shape, you know? I really like your tip point, about prescription being preferred. It actually helped me remember that glasses aren’t just about looks. They’re about protecting your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

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