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Is your phone charger safe?

Is your phone charger safe?

We all charge our mobile phones on a regular basis as we cannot be without our mobile phones. However, what happens if your genuine mobile phone charger breaks down. Would you just rush out and buy a quick replacement or just go on-line and find a ‘bargain’ cheap charger. How do you know it is the real thing and do you know if your phone charger is safe?

Fake unsafe mobile chargers have resulted in many house fires in the last few years. Did you know that near 2 million mobile phone chargers were brought online in the UK every year. But how easy it is to spot a fake mobile charger.

If you purchase a fake mobile charger it can be very dangerous and even life threatening. Below is a brief guide to safe mobile charging.

Is your phone charger safe?


Make sure you avoid cheap chargers

I recently looked on-line and saw that you could purchase a mobile phone charger for around £1 which as you are aware of is very cheap compared with a branded mobile phone charger. You have to be sure that the charger comply with the stringent UK and EU safety standards.

If you purchased a cheap charger there is a chance that it could explode when you plug it into the wall socket. Fire expects agree this is due to the very cheap wiring and poor quality components. Not only that but your phone may not charge at all and could even damage the mobile phone battery. So never purchase a cheap mobile phone charger.

While genuine chargers are more expensive you should always purchase an official charger for your brand of mobile phone as it will meet all the Uk safety regulations. Do not think I am just paying extra for the name – you are paying for peace of mind and your safety.


Whan buying a mobile phone charger make sure you do the following:-

  • Only buy approved chargers for your mobile phones
  • Make sure you fully read and follow the makers instructions
  • Any problems contact the manufacturer directly.
  • Always buy from a store you know and trust. Ideally from the orignal shop where you purchased your original mobile phone.


Never ever charge your mobile phone overnight

You may have forgotten to charge your mobile phone when you come home from work and think you can charge it over night while asleep. This is a big no-no. Never leave your phone charging over night unattended. Yes you phone will stop charging once the battery is full but there could be a problem if the charger overheads especially if left on a flammable surface. The last thing you want to is to wake up to discover a fire caused by your phone.

However, if you do need to charge your phone overnight and it is unattended then do make sure you have a smoke detector installed and check that it is in good working order.


Check your mobile charger to see if it is damaged

Have you recently checked your mobile phone charger. Is there a frayed cable, is the connection loose or are the plug pins wobbly. If you have any of these problems with your charger than you should get a new one as soon as you can. If possible avoid using that charger. A damaged phone charger can cause a fire risk or even give you an electric shock if you touch an exposed part of the charger when either plugging in the charger or unplugging it. So always err on the side of caution.

Is your phone charger safe?


Never cover your phone charger when in use

Always make sure your phone is being charged on a flat level surface. Make sure that not only are you using a reputable charger but that there is nothing covering your phone as if a dodgy charger this could mean the phone gets hot and could start a fire.

I hope these tips are helpful.

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