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5 Tips on How to Declutter

5 Tips on How to Declutter

It is almost Spring (goodness where is the year going!) and time to think of Spring Cleaning or as many people are saying time to Declutter. Below are 5 tips on how to declutter.

There has been a lot of news in the Media about decluttering as this is something that affects everyone. We all seem to accumulate so much ‘stuff’ these days and often we are overwhelmed with the items we have in our home. How much better would we feel if we could just simply have a clean and tidy home?

Below are 5 tips to help you declutter without stress and you only need to allow around 15 minutes a day to achieve this  So before you start why not set an alarm for 15 minutes later and also put on some fast music to help you be motivated.

5 tips on how to declutter

Begin with one area

Just start with one area to clean. This could be your kitchen table for example. Make a sign to state nothing must be out on that counter that you will not be using in the next week or month. Make sure everything is put away. Now try to make sure that this area is kept complete decluttered. Then progress to another area until the whole house is decluttered.


We all have major papers that we must keep in order (eg bank statements) so one thing to do is to try to go paperless so that no more documents are around the house. Not only will this help with decluttering but if you throw any papers out and you have not disposed of them correctly then they could fall into the wrong hands.

How often do you get home and have endless receipts which you just leave around or in my case always at the bottom of a handbag and of course the one you want you can never find!  So consider a box tray to put all papers in. So any mail, school letters, insurance reminders, flyers, receipts, warranties etc all go in this box/folder. Have separate sections so you can find them easily.

However, for the documents you have in your home make sure you collate them all and put them in a main folder which is easily accessible. When making the folder use labels for your main bills and other paperwork. If they are all in one folder you can find things much quicker. Make sure you file regularly. Once a week go through all the papers to see if you still need them. Make a note of the ones you want to dispose of (making sure that no personal information is clearly visible, file them or take a note of any action you need to take eg set up a direct debit, contact the supplier etc). Try not to put anything back in the folder ‘to do later’ and try to put any rubbish in the recycle bins.


5 tips on how to declutter

Your wardrobe

Hang up your clothes in your wardrobe all facing the same direction. Then after you wear an item hang it back up but with the hanger facing the opposite direction. Then after a few months you will note that some clothes have not been worn at all. These are the ones you can dispose of (perhaps to a local charity shop)

Another tip would be to take out some clothes you never wear. When getting ready for work have a look through your wardrobe and spend a few minutes taking out some of the items you have not worn for a while. If some of the items are seasonal then fold them up and place in a storage box or similar – they will then be ready for the next season and should the weather change then you know where the items are.

Also when you purchase a new item and place it in  your wardrobe then remove another item so you only have the same amount of items in the wardrobe as otherwise shortly you will be back to square one!

5 tips on how to declutter

Your stairs

How many of us use our stairs to ‘store’ items. We leave items on the stairs to take upstairs at a later date. Yet the items are still there several days later. The pile just grows and grows. So much that you have to avoid the clutter just to get up or down the stairs! All you are doing is inviting more stuff to be added to the stairs. Not only is it ugly to look at but more important it is a health hazard. So make sure you have a rule that when you are going up and down the stairs you take the items off the stars and place in the appropriate place.


5 tips on how to declutter



Using hooks are a fantastic way to make sure you keep things tidy all around your home. Why not use them to hang your tea towels on. Also you can find a use for them in the kitchen to hang your pots and pans on. Even in the bathroom they can be useful for hanging your towels and flannels. Consider getting stronger ones to hang your coats and jackets on. By using hooks you can make sure that all items are out of the way but more important make sure they are easy to reach.

5 tips on how to declutter

Further information on decluttering visit  www.declutteringtips.co.uk




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