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5 Tips on how to prevent lost luggage at airports

Below are 5 tips on how to prevent loss luggage at airports. Recently in the news there was a major problem at some of the UK airports when the baggage check in was not working after ‘computer said no’

This meant that all the passengers could not check in their luggage and it was going to be sent on separately to them at a later date. – not an ideal start to their holiday and very stressful for everyone.

So what can you do to make sure that your luggage does not get lost?

Below are 5 tips which means you and your luggage will not be parted at any time during the duration of your holiday (unless there is another major IT problem like the recent one!)

5 tips to prevent lost luggage at airports
Would you be able to spot YOUR suitcase

Do not check in luggage – Do you really need to check in your luggage?  Why not take it as hand luggage. If you pack well this is achievable. Ryan air for example allow 2 free cabin bags, one 10kg bag (max. size: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and one small bag (max. size: 35cm x 20cm x 20cm). By taking your luggage on the plane you will not have to worry about loss luggage as your luggage will be with you though the flight making your flight stress free If you have to check in a bag then do make sure your on-line bag contains at least an overnight change of clothes and ALL your medication and prescription. Never place anything in your check in bag that you will need urgently.

Avoid connections – It is estimated that over 50% of the lost luggage happens due to the transfer of luggage onto connecting flights. If your first flight is late then the changes of your luggage arriving with you on the connecting fight are greatly reduced. So if you are booking connecting flights allow time for delays and if necessary book a slightly later connecting flight.

Check in early – Always make sure you are on time. By arriving late at the check in it is likely your luggage may not be travelling with you. The baggage handlers need time to process your luggage and make sure it goes on the correct flight. If they have limited time an error could occur. Perhaps they are short-staffed or could be dealing with an emergency. always try to arrive at least 45 minutes before you intend to fly. In fact by getting to the airport early you will be checked in and be stress free. Why not spend the spare time buying some duty-free and having a nice meal before your flight?

Put an itinerary in your suitcase –  Once your case is packed take a copy of your itinerary on the top of your clothes you have packed. So if your luggage is lost as least the Airline will be able to make sure your case arrives at the destination of where you will currently be staying. This is more important if you are going on a tour and will be visiting several destinations. Plus also add your mobile telephone number but avoid putting any other personal details other than your first name.

5 tips to prevent lost luggage at airports
Make your suitcase stand out for easy identification

Photographic evidence – Take a picture of your case so you can show the airline what your case looks like and this will help them try to locate your case from the hundreds that may also be missing. Why not also take a picture of your baggage claim ticket for evidenced. This is vital if you are going to be claiming against your insurance.

If you are worried your luggage could be lost then why not consider the Trakdot Luggage Tracker  This product can track your lost luggage worldwide, before the airline is able to  and you can get messages and alerts when your luggage lands.

My next blog post will be 5 Tips on what you must be aware of when taking a bag on board a flight

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