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5 ways to find time for yourself

We are all so busy in our daily lives. Rushing around dealing with family, friends, work, shopping etc.  Yet how often do you simply find time for yourself.

Below are 5 ways to find time for yourself.

5 ways to find time for yourself

Leaving work on time

How often do you stay late at work? Does it really make a difference to your day? Do you always feel you need to stay later. Try to schedule one day a week where you leave on time and make sure you use that time wisely.  Plan sometime special. Why not spend that time trying a new recipe for Dinner.

5 ways to find time for yourself


Spend some time away from your Children

Why not arrange some babysitters that you know and trust to care for your children once a month or so. You could share a babysitting group with some trusted friends so your friends can also have some ‘me’ time.

Consider joining a gym that has a baby sitting service. This way you can do relaxation exercises such as yoga or working with personal trainer.  it goes without saying that you must do your research of the gym and look at their safety of the child care programme. Also make sure you get references.


Spend less time with consuming media

We are all guilty of checking our smart phone, i pad or computer on a daily basis.

How often do you check your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You tube etc. I know for a fact that once I start looking for sometime on say You Tube it leads me to another video, then another and before I know it almost one hour or so has gone.

So try to turn your phone off for an hour or so daily (unless you urgently need your phone on for emergencies). Can you switch off at a certain time each day?. Do you need to constantly check all your emails? What about just turning the TV on an hour later each day?5ways to find time for yourself


Pass over non urgent items to someone else

Why not try to delegate to others.

Do you have projects/tasks  you can let go of and hand over to someone else?  A good example is Ironing. How much time do you spend each week ironing. You can get someone else to do this for you. There are many ironing services in all major towns and cities. They often collect and deliver at time to suit you. Prices are very reasonable.

If you have a regular prescription you need to collect from the chemist – get them to deliver instead.

Why not get your weekly shop delivered instead of visiting the store each week. How much time do we spend simply just queuing to pay.  This is great as it will not only saving you travelling to and from the store but you will not be purchasing random items. Plus you will not have to carry the heavy bags home or if you drive you will see on petrol and parking. Less stress all around!

5 ways to find time for yourself


Just say ‘No’

We are all guilty of taking on more responsibility in our daily lives. We do not like to say No as we feel it may upset some people. So we end up taking on more and more and getting even more stressed.

So before you say ‘Yes’ to extra responsibilities you must take time to think about how the extra activities would work in your life. Will it be negative or positive. Are you just saying yes to avoid letting people down. But remember we all only have 24 hours in a day. You need to have time for you. Do not just say Yes and find yourself with no spare time.

OF course saying No may upset some people but it will get easier with practice.

5 ways to find time for yourself



I hope these few tips will help you gain more control of your life.

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