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50 Shades of Grey (Hair)

Are brave enough to ditch the dye and show your grey hair?

Women over 50 in the workforce often feel they need to dress and appear younger to their youthful colleagues.  But is this really necessary?

You do not often see older women workers with grey hair (myself included). Why do we not want to go grey gracefully?

But is grey hair in women good for business – our male counterparts embrace the grey – it makes them look authoritative and distinguished. Sadly not the case for us older ladies. We still need to appear youthful and attractive in the work place so we are on an equal level with our male counterparts.

We know that age discrimination  does exist and women over 50 often find job hunting difficult.  Often employers have a view that grey hair gives a very negative view of their age and their abilities.

One example  in the media regarding grey hair is in politics. Our new PM is not grey. How would the country feel if she decided to ditch the dye and became grey?  Would she be perceived as too old to do her job (she is 59) and leader of our country so she is a fantastic role model for us older ladies (regardless of your political views). Yet Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader embraces the grey.

But why should grey hair on women make such a difference.  You are the same person, with the same skills and ambitions regardless of what colour your hair is.

Embrace the grey if that is your choice – do not let what others think deter you.

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