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7 places to visit in London FOR FREE

7 places to visit in London FOR FREE.

I am a proud Londoner we have some fantastic sites for everyone to visit.

London is a 24 hour city (more so now that we have the night tube during the weekends).  We have a vast array of new hotels, restaurants, shops, theatres, galleries. There is also a down side as the cost can be so expensive.

So to help you make sure you get to see and do all the best things London has to offer I have provided a selection of places you can visit for FREE.


Please note I have not put timings for this free events as timings can change. .

The Ceremony of the Keys at The Tower of London – Tower Of London, London EC3N 4AB

At the Tower of London every night at around 9.30pm there is the Ceremony of the Keys. This is a tradition that is now over 700 years old.

There are only places available for around 50 people who can see this each night.

Please note that late arrivals will not be admitted. The ceremony will end at around 10.10pm after which all visitors will be escorted to the exit.  There are no toilet or refreshment facilities available.

The Ceremony is conducted by the Chief Yeoman Warder. The ceremony is relative short but well worth attending as something very different.

The Tower of London

Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross – King’s Cross Railway Station, Euston Road, London, N1C 4TB.

This is no doubt something all Harry Potter fans will love. In Kings Cross Station you will find a sign with Platform 9 3/4 and there is a luggage trolley which is half buried in the wall.

All Aboard!

Bank of England Museum – 
Bartholomew Lane, City of London, London EC2R 8AH

This museum is situated with the Bank of England which is a very impressive building in the City of London. The museum takes you from the start of the Bank of England in 1694 to the present day.

Exhibitions include gold bars from ancient times right through to a unique collection of bank notes.

In addition you will be able to see various documents from famous clients of the Bank of England including Horatio Nelson and George Washington.

The Bank Of England


See a trial at The Old Bailey – The Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EH

Love watching court room dramas and wonder what goes on at a real trial? Why not visit The Old Bailey to sit in on part of a trial process.

While the Trials at The Old Bailey are often open to public viewing there is a high security prior to gaining entry to the court(s).  You also have to be over 14 years of ago to gain admission plus you also must bring age ID.


Abbey Road – 3 Abbey Rd, London NW8 9AY (Abbey Road Studios)

If you are a Beatles fan then make sure you visit the famous Zebra Crossing just outside the Abbey Road Studios.

Abbey Road Famous Zebra Crossing


Speakers Corner – North end corner of Hyde Park near Marble Arch W1

Speakers Corner has existed since late Victorian Times. It is a platform for anyone to speak on a subject of their choice – as long as the police believe the speech is lawful.

In 1872 an act of Parliament set aside this part of Hyde Park for public speaking so if you wish to start a debate you can.

A Sunday morning is usually the best time to hear the speakers


Visit the Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens

The now famous bronze statue of Peter Pan can be found in Kensington Gardens next to Hyde Park.

7 places to visit in London for free
The statue is in this place as it is meant to mark the spot where Peter Pan first landed in Kensington Gardens after he had escaped from his pram.

I thought these attractions were slightly different from the usual museums (all which are generally free) and I hope you can see one or two of them the next time you are planning a visit to London.





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  • I can’t believe I’ve not been to any of these! It’s been years since I’ve been to London but I used to go a reasonable amount to visit my ex-partner. I wish I had come across some of these… Will add them to my itinerary as I’ve love to go back again soon 🙂

  • What a lovely list. I’d love to take the kids to London, but what always stresses me out is the fast-paced lifestyle and I just wouldn’t know where to stay etc….do you have any tips for a Northern family? 🙂

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