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Alternative Uses For Shampoo

There is one staple item in your bathroom cabinet that has several uses and that is your shampoo bottle. Below are several alternative uses for shampoo.

Shampoo is not just for cleaning your hair. It can help with numerous tasks around the home.


Alternative Uses For Shampoo


Use as a shower gel

Why not double up your shampoo as a shower gel (and save money) also if you are travelling this is one less item to pack. Also you can use shampoo as a bubble bath. 3 in one!


Clean paintbrushes

This is great as often it can be difficult to remove paint from brushes as it can mean purchasing an additional item. Why not use what you already have in your bathroom cabinet.  Just put some shampoo on the brushes and rub them in water and the paint should come off.

Alternative Uses For Shampoo


Fix your zip

How annoying is it when zips get stuck. Well now all you need to do is place some shampoo (or even conditioner) on a cotton q tip on either size of the zip teeth and then your zip will glide smoothly. No need to get a replacement zip or even a new item.

Alternative Uses For Shampoo

Helps with laundry stains

Often we get dirty marks around our collars of our shirts/blouses. As a pre-treatment use the shampoo on the stain before washing.  The reason this works is because the oil marks from your skin and scalp so shampoo is made to help you remove these nasty marks from your clothing.


Help with shrunken jumpers

I often have had jumpers shrunk in the wash and usually end up throwing them out. However, I found this amazing tip which can help restore your jumper back to the normal size with yes Shampoo!  Simply fill a washing up bowl with warm water and add some gentle shampoo. Leave the jumper to soak for around 15 minutes. Then take the jumper out of the water and using a towel soak up any water. Finally lay the jumper out and slowly pull it back to the original size.


Make your own natural body scrub

How expensive are body scrubs. Why not make your own with shampoo. Mix in shampoo and sugar and stir. You now have your own exfoliation body scrub


Clean your leather shoes

Imagine the scene you are off out to a special event or job interview and your shoes are slightly dirty. If you have no shoe polish what do you do? Well simply dabbing a small amount of shampoo on your leather shoes will have them nice and shiny again.

Alternative Uses For Shampoo

Use instead of soap

This one did surprise me.  Shampoo is twice as effective on regular dirt than normal soap and gentle on the skin


Clean your mirrors to stop then fogging

We all like clean mirrors and nothing worse than streaks that you cannot remove. Just put a little shampoo on a kitchen paper towel and rub into the mirror. Afterward with a clean cloth wipe it away. You will see that next time you have a shower your mirror will be fog free and more important there will be no streaks.

Alternative Uses For Shampoo

DIY manicure

If you do not have the time or money to visit a salon to get your nails done then you can simply have a DIY Manicure with shampoo Just soak your hands in some shampoo with some warm water and leave for a few minutes and you will have silky soft hands and clean cuticles.


Alternative Uses For Shampoo

I hope these few tips will help you – so check out that bottle of shampoo is not just for clean hair!

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