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Banish the Burglar



Banish the burglar  by following these Tips on stopping unwanted vistors to your home…………..

When and Where does a burglary happen?

Did you know….

  • Each year there are around 1 million burglaries,  and attempted  burglaries,
  • Every 40 seconds in the UK someone is  burgled.
  • Often burglaries are not pre planned but by criminals seeing an opportunity.
  •  57% of burglaries occur when someone is at home.
  • 56% of burglaries happen at night.
  • Banish the Burglar
    Most burglaries take place after dark; 10% occur in the morning, 20% in the afternoon, 32% in the evening and 23% during the night, whereas 30% occur in the weekend.


 The following tips should help you not receive an unwanted visitor


Being away from home for a while – Make sure a neighbour has access to you house when you are away to remove all the old newspapers/flyers that are delivered. Some burglars will deliver a flyer to your front door and will go back a few days later to see if it has been removed.

Set your burglar alarm – Unless you set your alarm it will not work. Why would you pay a vast sum for something to protect your home and not use it?

You can easily spot a burglar – Do you really think you can?  A thief can carry a clipboard trying to look profession but really he can be checking the neighbourhood. Always be on your guard.


Banish the Burglar

Get a dog – Thieves whan to get in and out of your home with as little fuss as possible – the sound of a barking dog will act as a deterrent.


Breaking windows – You would think that if a neighbour heard a window being broken (burglar gaining access)  he/she would wonder what is happening. Chances are that if he /she hears a slight sound he/she will stop what they are doing and wait to hear it again. Unfortunately the burglar is more likely to only make one break in the window to gain entry.

 Do not leave your curtains opened – Burglars will love looking into your windows. They will look for signs that someone is at home. In addition they will be looking at houses which have the latest television, most recent gaming system etc. Then they will  select their targets. If they cannot see into your house then that is one less home they will tackle.

Burglars love social media posts – Are you going to tweet to everyone you are away next week or that next month you are off to a concert. Burglars will know you are going to be out. Only tweet/Facebook about the event afterwards when you back home. It would be very easy for a burglar to locate your address.

Turn on the television– A loud TV or radio can be a better deterrent than the best alarm system. If you’re reluctant to leave your TV on while you’re out of your home then you can buy a £10 device that acts on a timer and simulates the flickering glow of a real television.

Lock your door – A burglar only simply has to knock on your door to know if you are in or not.  Even if you answer the burglar would simply ask you for directions while checking your property to see if it is worth a return visit.

Lock your windows – Lock your windows. Leaving that window open just a crack during the day is a way to let in a little fresh air. To a potential thief that is an open invitation.

Bolt down the safe – Just because you have a safe in your home for valuables it is not a deterrent to a thief. Yes they will not have time to break into the safe but if it is not bolted down they can simply lift the safe and carry it away.

Review your front door glass panel – If decorative glass is part of your front entrance make sure that your alarm control panel is not placed where anyone can see it.


‘Beware of dog’ and security alarm signs and stickers will not put a thief off entering your home. They can break in through your dog /cat flap.


Review your front door – If your front door looks unkempt or only has one cylinder lock such a Yale lock instead of a cylinder lock plus a mortise (deadlock) it could be invaluable to a thief.

Use a regular reliable cab firm – Sadly there are certain cab firms and drivers that often can be in  cahoots with burglars. Sadly for you they will let them know when your house is empty. So make suer your cab driver picks you up near your home and not outside your home.

These few tips should help you feel a lot safer in your home and the only people who come into your home will be your invited guests.

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