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How you can turn left instead of right on a flight

How to get a free upgrade on your flight

We all love a freebie.

How was your last flight?

If you are like the majority of use you were sitting in a slightly cramped seat, the person in front kept reclining their seat so you had less room that before, the food was ‘so so’ and you had to wait ages for that extra cup of coffee.  Imagine the scene if you had a luxurious reclining seat, major leg room, choice of food on china plates, plenty of champagne and service on tap throughout the flight. Sounds a dream…Well as most of us turn right  on a plane we will never know. So below are some tips on how to potentially get an upgrade so you can see how the other half live.

I cannot guarantee these will work but I would love to have feedback if you find yourself turning  left instead of right!

Sadly these people turned right instead of left

Dress appropriately – If you turn up for your flight in jeans and tee-shirt (as we all do for comfort) it is unlikely you would even be considered for upgrade.

Manners – When at the check in always be polite but direct – say something along the lines ...If you are going to be upgrading any passengers on this flight could you please consider me…   you have nothing to lose by asking.

Be Punctual – If you are running late the changes are that not only would you miss your flight they would have to rush you though check in and also the available upgrades could have gone.

Give your seat up – Maybe the flight is overbooked.  So you could try to volunteer to give your seat up and then say Could I be upgraded on the next outward fight to my destination.  Only problem with this is if there is only one flight a day you would have to spend considerable more time at the airport or book into a hotel (poss at your own expense).

Imagine sitting here – This could be YOU next time you fly if you follow my tips








Do you have a very good reason? – Perhaps you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special event. Let the airline know. Do not lie as you never know it could backfire.

Check your seat – When you are on board (sadly turning right), do have a good look at your booked seat. Check that everything is working correctly, your armrests are secure, the tray table is not faulty and that your seat belt is in good working order.  If you discover that something is broken/not working do tell the Air Steward immediately. Often passengers with a faulty seat are given alternative seating arrangements.  You never know it could be for Business or First class.

Do you have a title – If you have a title then make sure it is on your reservation – you never know.

Travel solo – Perhaps you are travelling alone. You are more likely to get an upgrade if you are a single passenger. Families or even couples could be harder to get an upgrade as there may not be much room available. Be warned that if you do get an upgrade even to Premium Economy it could well be a middle seat. However, this would not be the case on Business or First Class.

Be nice to everyone – Last but by no means least, always be nice to everyone you meet at the airport from the rep to the check-in staff and the entire airline crew. Remember they have the power and authority to help you with the upgrade. Everyone normally takes the staff for granted but go out of your way to speak to them, be approachable and strike up a conversation.

Hope these tips are helpful and that your next flight is fantastic.

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