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Divorce after 50


Divorce at any age can feel daunting and scary. For those of us at a more mature age it can be more so. We may have given a good many years looking and caring for the one we are no longer with not to mention any children who have since flown the nest. We may experience a touch of empty nest syndrome or feel we are too old to start again.

The good news is that despite our varying and troubled feelings we are free. We have done the hard work and now it’s time to start enjoying life. Fulfilling all those dreams and desires we were unable to do pre-divorce, because we were busy looking after everyone else! All that energy can now be spent on reaping the rewards of that hard work; more leisure time with the grandchildren, taking up that hobby we have thought about but didn’t have the time for. The list is endless and the possibilities vast.

Loneliness can be a huge fear; perhaps with the split you have lost friends and your social life has deteriorated somewhat. Again the positive, is that those friends that ‘have’ stood by you are your true friends and statistics show that having good friends and an active social life prolong your life.  It is also important to note that over recent decades divorce later in life has been on the rise, so you are not alone. The same research also states that statically divorcee’s over 50 are more positive about life. This is an exciting time; you can make new friends, build up your social life doing what interests you. There are a multitude of groups out there waiting for you to discover them.

Statistics show that women are healthier in the post-divorce period. They have spent much of their life looking after others and know how to look after themselves. So whatever you are going through there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is your time to shine, it is a new era in your life, a new page in your book and you are the author of the adventures you are about to face.




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