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Dreams and their meanings

Dreams and their meanings is something we all talk about. How often do you speak to your family and friends about that crazy dream you had last night?

Did you have a good nights sleep last night. Or did you have a really strange dream and wonder what the meaning was?

Dreams can at times seem very real and convey numerous emotions.

Each night we dream on average 5 times and generally occur during Rapid Eye Movement while our brain is very active. Our dreams last between 5 and 20 minutes and most of us forget our dreams when we wake up.

Below are some common dreams and their meanings

Dreams and their meanings

Falling from a great height

Dreams and their meanings

This is one of the most common dreams and it means that in your waking life you may feel insecure and not in control of your life. So the solution is to take stock of your day-to-day actions and see if you can rectify the problem.

Being naked in public

This is a very common dream that over 80% of people will have. Dreaming of being naked around others often can mean you feel embarrassed of your achievements. This can also mean that you are feeling very confident (after all you would be very confident if walking around naked!)

Other reasons include afraid of being found out (are you hiding a secret), feeling guilty, vulnerable with your friends or work colleagues, scared of being noticed and not feeling comfortable with your body.

Always being late

Do you often dream about being late for work – if so this can mean you feel you have no control over your career. Maybe a time to look for a new job? You may feel unworthy in your current position or worried about a potential promotion.

Another reason for dreaming about lateness can indicate you are hoping for a change in your life. Perhaps you feel you have missed an opportunity or missing out on developing your relationship or raising your family.

Teeth falling out

This (and the toilet dream) are ones I have most of the time. More so when I am going to visit the dentist

This can mean you are going through a transition in your life. Did you know that the majority of people who have this dream are young children or women going through the menopause

It can also mean you are feeling insecure about a certain aspect of your life.


Toilet dreams

I hate having this dream. I always seem to have the same one about looking for a toilet and each one I find is always fully ‘blocked’ and I am desperate to go.

If you dream you cannot find a toilet this means you do not think highly of yourself

A dream about the toilet being dirty then the meaning behind this is you have a lot of toxic thoughts and feelings. You have a lot of issues that are not resolved.

Dreaming of a toilet seat up indicts you are ready to face all your problems in your waking life

However dreaming of a toilet set down means you do not have the courage to face all your daily problems


Meeting someone famous

A lot of people dream about meeting the Queen.  Dreaming about meeting someone famous does not sadly mean we will meet them.  What it can mean is the person you are dreaming about means you are seeking inspiration or some other major factor associated with that famous person. For example if you dream about the Queen you may in your waking life admire her.

In fact dreaming about the Queen (or any Queen) is very positive. It means that you may soon be taking part in a special important venture. Dreaming of a Queen means representing a tough women or important person. As the Queen a major ruler it may mean that the venture you are going to undertake is going to be very important.


Your spouse/partner being unfaithful

You may have this dream and be really worried about what it means.  This is more based on fear that your partner will cheat rather than your partner cheating during your waking day.  Often if you have been cheated on in the past then this dream is more common. The strange thing is this dream is more common when you are in a secure established relationship.

Finally If you want to keep a log of your dreams then have a note-book and pen on your bedside cabinet and write down your dream as soon as you wake up and try to discover the subconscious meaning.


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