What to do with the extra hour when clocks go back

It is that time of year soon when British summer time will officially end. Yes the clocks on back on Sunday 28 October so we get an hour longer in bed!

However, the clocks then go forward one hour on Sunday 31 March 2019.

So what can you do with your extra hour  – below are 4 tips to enjoy that extra hour!

What to do with the extra hour when clocks go back

Enjoy the extra lie in

For many of us our busy lives mean we often get up to cram everything in and so we never get a lie it.

So why not spend Sunday 28 October having a lie for an extra hour. You will certainly feel the benefit and be refreshed and have had a good res and ready to face what the day brings.


What to do with the extra hour when clocks go back

Have a good breakfast

If like me you are always rushing around in the mornings and only grab something quick ont he way out then Sunday 28 October can be the day you have the time to prepare a fab breakfast to set you up for the day with that spare hour. Why not have a healthy fry up and you can take your time doing it.  By having a good breakfast it sets you up for the day and especially if you are going out visiting family, friends or shopping then you are full and will not then want to snack while you are out and about.


Have a good clear out

How often have you thought about sorting out your old clothes to take to the local charity shop but simply ‘do not have time’. Well with the extra hour you now have no excuses.   Then later in the day you can take your old clothes to the local charity shop. Think how good you will feel afterwards.


Do your Christmas shopping online

Christmas may seem a long way ahead but before we know it is here. So why not do some online shopping with your extra hour and get some of your presents now. That way you can avoid the packed shops during December.

What to do with the extra hour when clocks go back

So why do we have to change the clocks twice a year

Twice a year the clocks move back or forward one hour. One way to remember this is to remember in Spring we spring forward and in Winter we fall back.

The reason we move our times is to give us more light in the mornings. In fact in WW1 the Government decided to bring in British Summer time to help improve the economy to allow farmers an extra hour of sunlight to do their work

So remember to set your clocks on Saturday 27 October!

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