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How to get FREE tickets to your favourite television shows

How to get FREE tickets to your favourite television shows

Do you love watching television shows and wonder how you can be part of the audience. For Free……

It it great fun seeing your favourite celebrities close up and having fun.

There are a growing number of TV programme  that are recorded in front of a live TV  audience and they want you to  be there…..

How to get FREE tickets to your favourite television shows
Why sit in front of the TV when you can be in the studio watching your favourite celebrities FOR FREE……


There are many different companies that will offer tickets. Normally these sites provide the audiences for the majority of the shows but occasionally the TV company or production company will also seek out audiences.

When you visit the sites they will list the shows that are currently seeking audiences. However the more popular the show the chances are that you will have to go on a waiting list. A lot of TV shows are recorded several months in advance so you could be watching a Christmas show in July!

A few websites are listed below and there are many more.

Applause Store – https://www.applausestore.com/home

What is great about this site is that  not only do they cover shows in the UK but globally as well. So if you are travelling further afield you could see a show while on your holiday.

A quick glance at the website has tickets for the following (and plenty of others as well)

  • Big Brother
  • Love Island
  • Celebrity Juice
  • The X Factor

BBC Shows – http://www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/

This site will be for all the TV and radio programmes made by the BBC. You can currently join the mailing list for the next series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

SRO Audiences – http://www.sroaudiences.com/

This site often has the shows for Channel 4 including currently ‘The Last Leg’. They also have tickets for many other shows. This site also has adverts for people looking to be on TV as well.

Important points to note

Often when you do secure a free ticket please remember that the production company issue at least twice as many tickets as seats. They do this in case a party cannot attend and they could be left with a half empty studio. Last week for example there was hardly anyone at the ‘Big Brother Eviction’. Now this could be because sadly Big Brother is not as popular as it was or that a large party did not turn up. So if you do secure a ticket to your favourite show the bad news that you really do need to get there at least 2 hours before the time indicated on your ticket and queue up.

if you’re at the back of the queue you may be turned away if all of the seats are already full.

If you do turn up but do not get in you are often put on a  ‘priority list’ for a future recording. This has happened to me and I was around the fifth person left in the queue but the TV production company gave me tickets with a guaranteed entrance for the following evening. This is fine if you can attend on the night but just be aware this can happen.

Once I was lucky to get tickets  for ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and I got there 4 hours before the recording. It was a long day but it was so worth it!

If you do get in, then be prepared to wait around for some time before the recording starts – best to bring something to read while you are waiting.

How to get FREE tickets to your favourite television shows
Many of the TV shows are recorded in London studios. Not a problem if you live In the London area. However there are TV studios all around the UK but the choice of TV show you would see could be limited.

Tickets as I have said are free but occasionally you will see some tickets advertised on E bay or other similar sites. The production companies give the ticket free and they are not for resale. So if you are lucky enough to secure a ticket for a very popular show you cannot sell them. Likewise do not buy them from any site either.  You could find that for example the TV production company could ban you from future recording and the tickets could be cancelled.  So do not take the risk.

Many of the sites will offer you tickets for shows that are new or a pilot that is being tested. Often you will be granted these tickets with a promise if you attend you will get a priority ticket for one of the larger more popular shows.

if you have a ticket for a show and for whatever reason you cannot attend it is important that you let the production company/website from where you purchased the ticket that you cannot attend. They would rather you told them (and you could get tickets for another show) rather than simply not turning up as you could find you may  not get any other tickets for some time.

When you visit the websites to register for tickets often they will have a waiting list for the best shows. If you register and then the tickets become available make sure you apply as soon as you hear as many of the popular shows will be sold out very quick.

While a TV show may only last around 30 minutes to 1 hour it can take over 2 hours to record a show. You will also have a warm up person before the recording commences. The shows can take a while they often have to do retakes so you have to laugh again and again  The shows are normally recorded in the evening so best to have something to eat before as you may not get out until around 10pm.

You will be unable to get pictures or autographs of the stars. Remember they are working.

So why not visit some of the websites to see if any of your favourite shows are looking for audience members. You will really enjoy it and even may see yourself on TV in the audience when the show is finally shown on TV.


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