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Going nuts over Coconuts – 15 Tips for Using Coconut Oil

Going nuts over Coconuts

One of the new Superfoods is Coconuts. To be more precise Coconut Oil.

The Coconut oil comes from the body of matured coconuts which are harvested from the Coconut Palm trees.

Coconut Oil has many excellent benefits and below are 15 reasons why Coconut Oil is like a multi tasker.

Going nuts over Coconuts
You can use Coconut oil for cooking as well as for beauty treatments.

Make a lip balm – Now that we are moving into Autumn it will start to get a lot colder. So look after you lips. Place some Coconut Oil into a small container and carry it around with you and apply as and when necessary during the day.

Remove Make up – Just use a teaspoon of Coconut Oil directly onto your face to remove your makeup. Rinse with warm water.

Melt one teaspoon of coconut oil per round cotton pad and place in a microwave safe container. They just lay the cotton pads in an even layer and allow them to soak up the Coconut Oil overnight. Make sure  you store them in the same container and use to remove the makeup. Why not take them with you to work or even use after exercise.

Shaving Cream – Hate shaving your legs with the razor.and feeling that your legs are very dry? Then use Coconut Oil. Warm the Coconut Jar under the water and then smooth onto your legs before shaving. By doing this the razor will glide smoothly and this will result in a fantastic close shave. Not only that but your legs will be more moisturised. due to the Coconut oil Please note that the coconut oil can be a little slippery so do make sure your hands are dry before proceeding.

Great for Insect bites – Did you know that you can use Coconut Oil on an insect bite. It will stop the dreaded itching and burning feeling you get and will aid the healing process. Just apply directly onto the bite

Want a creamy coffee – then add one spoonful of coconut oil into your coffee. You will get a boost of energy and you will not need to add any milk or cream. Excellent in tea as well.


Want healthy nails – Then rub Coconut on your cuticles to help your nails grow. This will help not only to give your nails strength but will also hydrate the cuticle skin which is very delicate and you will be very proud of your hands.

Coconut Oil as a hand cream – you can use Coconut oil on your hands after washing the dishes and you will avoid dry skin.

Make natural toothpaste – Want healthy teeth then make a natural toothpaste by mixing equal parts of coconut oil with some baking soda and then add some peppermint essential oil. Your teeth will thank you and so will your dentist.

Body moisturiser – Coconut Oil can help smooth any dry or rough skin patches. It will add a shine to your skin and it will not be greasy. You can mix a teaspoon of Coconut Oil between the palms of your hands and then simply just rub into your skin. Do make sure you have a clean towel to remove any excess oils. Not only will your skin be lovely and smooth but you will also smell fabulous.

Great for a massage using Coconut Oil fora massage is ideal, as it is not very greasy and will leave a relaxing scent.

Use Coconut Oil for an alternative topping on your baked or sweet potatoes instead of butter or marge top with Coconut Oil and add cinnamon to taste.

Vegans can use Coconut oil – Coconut oil is great for vegans as the coconut oil is solid at room temperatures. Also it is a natural product free from animal products or dairy.

New topping for toast – instead of butter or marge try a healthy alternative topping on your toast. The coconut oil topping will make your toast taste better and will leave you with a lovely aroma of Coconut oil



Clean your pans – This is ideal for any cast iron cooking ware. Rub a thing coat of coconut oil over the surface of your pan. Then you rub off the excess with a soft cloth or paper towel. surface


Animals can also benefit from Coconut oil – You can even give Coconut oil to your Cat or Dog. It is a natural energy for your pets.

Put some coconut oil on your Cats Paw. Simply place half a teaspoon on their paws and this will keep their coats shiny and also cut down on hairball.

Dogs can even use Coconut oil. You can brush their teeth with Coconut oil and they will love the taste.

While doing this blog post I noticed there was differing views on if the saturated fat present in coconut oil may be better for all of us rather than other  saturated fats. However it appears that currently there is not enough evidence to give you a definitive answer. It is known that replacing fats like vegetable oil, olive oil and sunflower oil has been shown that this can be an  effective way to help reduce LDL cholesterol levels, so this would be a healthier choice. If you are in doubt about Coconut oil then do consulate your GP (or your vet if  giving it to your pet)

i hope you find these findings on Coconut Oil useful and do let me know if you try any of these tips.



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