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How to be SMART with your New Year Resolutions

How to be SMART with your New Year Resolutions

Did you decide to make some New Year Resolutions for 2020 – yet I imagine like many people you are starting to ‘give up’ on them.

Statistics shown hat the majority of people fail on their new year resolutions before the end of January!

But why is that….is is because it is too vague? Perhaps other people have been telling you what you should do or that you have unrealistic expectations.

How to be SMART with your New Year Resolutions

There is another way to keep on track by following the SMART way….


Make sure you are 100% clear on what your resolution is. For example you may say I want to lose weight. But how will you achieve this. How much weight do you want to lose? How will you go about it. Will you join a local group or do it yourself. What diet plan do you intend to follow. Do you have a time frame in mind or a special occasion where you want to be lighter?  .

How to be SMART with your New Year Resolutions


If you are losing weight then you can see the results and stick to your resolution. But what if it was something else. For example you have decided to stop biting your nails. You can stick to this resolution by taking a picture of your nails at the start and then you can track your progress by taking further pictures of your nails as they are growing. Why not log your progress of your resolutions by using a journal or an app as this will track your behavior and reinforce your progress – this will mean that sticking to your resolution could be easier


How to be SMART with your New Year Resolutions


If one of your resolutions is to save money each month then you should make a realistic plan and stick to it. It is no good saying I will save £100 per month when you know this is not really possible. Yet if you start saving £25 a month you know that is achievable and when you see your savings grow each month that will give you a boost. You may then want to save more.



Are you making the resolutions for the right reason? It has been said thy if you make the resolution for remote or a strong passion in the moment then it may not last long. Good examples are Vegan January (a great idea but not if you know you cannot live without meat for more than a few days) or even Dry January (again a great idea) but what if you like a drink or two at the weekend.? If you think you know you can stick to it and that people around you will help you with your resolution then you should be able to stick to your new resolution

How to be SMART with your New Year Resolutions

Time Bound

All new resolutions take time to implement. So be patient. Set small realistic goals and focus on the small wins. For example if you are losing weight then look at the weight loss for the month and not the gain you may have. So you may have lost 5 lbs in January – focus on that and not the fact that you gained 2lb last week. No negativity. You are building up a habit to last a lifetime and this takes time to see results.


I hope this SMART guide will help you stick to your New Year Resolutions.

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