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How to get rid of mice – 4 helpful tips

How to get rid of mice 4 helpful tips

Do you think you have mice in your house?

How to get rid of mice - 4 helpful tips

Have you heard strange scratching noises coming from inside your wall. Have you seen small droppings that look like small seeds on your floor. Did you think you saw ‘something’ running across the floor? If the answer to any of these is Yes then sadly you have an uninvited guest or guests in your home.  So below are some helpful tips on how to get rid of your mice.

Find the source

Mice can crawl through very tiny cracks the size of a small coin. If you can fit a pencil into the crack or hole then a mouse can get through! So firstly seal any cracks you find. Use steel wool as this works very well. Do not use plastic, rubber or wood as mice can chew through these. Consider purchasing some weather-stripping for doors and windows gaps.  Have a good look around your home and make this the first thing you do. If you can stop them entering then that is a good start.

Mouse traps

  • You may well be an animal lover and do not want to wake up to find a dead mouse in the mouse trap. So you can trap mice humanely and then remove the mouse from your property. If you do this then you need to take the mouse to over 1 mile away from your home as otherwise the mouse will follow back via a trail.
  • The best humane way is to purchase from your local DIY store is a small box (around the size of two matchboxes) which will have a weight sensitive plate and so when the mouse steps onto the plate the box closes. However if you have a large amount of mice then it would be worth considering getting the normal mouse traps.
  • Inside the box do not place cheese – mice will not take the bait but mice love sweet foods so place some sugar or peanut butter in the box

How to get rid of mice - 4 helpful tips

Food sources

  • Remove all food that is not in a cupboard
  • Do not leave any food out at night
  • Any pet food you have around the house make sure it is sealed in plastic containers (not paper bags as they can chew through them)
  • Make sure you sweep up regularly
  • How to make sure you keep further mice from entering your house
  • Store all your food in plastic containers


Outside your home

  • Make sure there are no tree branches within 6 inches of your house
  • Tidy up outside, keep the rubbish bin closed. If you have piles of wood outside these should be kept a long way from the house. Make sure your grass is mowed and not overgrown.
  • Check outside for any cracks and holes
  • consider soaking cotton wool balls in peppermint oil and then place in any areas you think the mice may be trying to get into.
  • Purchase a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Mix the vinegar with water and spray around the outside of your home once a month. Not only will this deter mice but and get rid of spiders as well.

I hope these few tips help if you have a mice problem.


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