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How to make your battery last longer with your mobile phone

How to make your battery last longer with your mobile phone is a major problem for many of us

Mobile phones are essential to our daily life. If like me you use your phone not only to make calls but for shopping, reading emails, keeping in touch with people and my morning alarm.

But how frustrating is it when your battery runs out and always at the most vital time.

Below are some tips to help you make the most of your mobile phone battery and more important to make sure your battery is charged as you never know when you need your phone for that major emergency.

How to make your battery last longer with your mobile phone

Why not turn your mobile phone off if you do not need immediate access to our phone. By turningĀ  off the mobile phone between calls will save your battery.

Is your screen too bright. Why not reduce your phone to show a lower brightness as this will save power.

Consider using the ‘airplane’ mode on your mobile.

Try to avoid connecting to wireless networks and also bluetooth devices. These cause major drainage on your battery

Do you have social media apps on your mobile. Then disable them which will save your battery By having constant social medial updates sent to your phone means that there is a major drain on your battery life.

How many apps do you actually have on your phone and more important how many do you actually use on a daily basis? So make sure you turn off any apps that are running in the background as they also cause a major drain on the life of your battery. Try to also avoid playing games on your mobile (I am guilty of that as I often play solitaire while waiting for a tube train) but these games use an awful lot of your phone resources and you will find that the battery drains very quickly.

How to make your battery last longer with your mobile phone


How often do you charge your phone? You should charge your phone on a regular basis. If possible try to charge your mobile phone via your laptop or tablet battery via a USB connection.

When you are driving we know that it is illegal to use your phone when driving and you must always obey the local traffic regulations. If there is an accident when you are out and about driving you must be aware of the driving conditions and emergency traffic changes.

A good tip to avoid network congestion is if you make a call and for some reason it does not connect then wait around 15 seconds before you call again.

If you are involved in an accident or major incident and you need to update family and friends remember that the data network could become very busy. So you could post a status update on your local social network or even sending a text. These tips would also be good for a non emergency situation.

Try to stop searching for a signal. You could be in an area where the signal is very poor or in face no signal at all. Your phone will always be looking for a signal and this will again also use up all your power. So always try to ensure you have a good signal when using your mobile. If you do not then

Make sure you also keep your phone out of the sun for extended periods – this is essential in the Summer.

Consider purchasing a portable charger to use in the event that your battery runs out – even if you have followed all the above tips!

If you follow these tips then you should be able to extend the battery on your phone by over 40% meaning that if there is an important call you are due to receive or make you will be confident in knowing that the call can be made. You never know when you may have an emergency.

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