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How to spot a dating site scammer

How to spot a dating site scammer


How to spot  a dating site scammer is not easy but some tips below can help you avoid meeting the wrong people.


Dating can be fun but there are a lot of scammers out there.

Here are a few points to spot the scammers

Be very selective in your profile. Never mention where you work or how much you earn. Scammers are after people who have money. They are not going to waste their time on low earners. Of course you can mention your job title for example Sales Executive

On your profile don’t state how much you want a relationship or how bad recent relationships have been.  Scammers will feed off this stating they are not like that and they are different.

Does the guy live overseas – this is a big clue.  Also why would you want a long distance romance? You are best seeking out people who are in your area so when on-line look for people who around your area.   If you get chatting to someone overseas the chances are they will draw you in and keep asking you to wait for them.

For the scammers seeking out vulnerable women is sadly their job.  They can be communicating with several women at the same time. They know how to play with your emotions and before long you are drawn in thinking he is the one. You will be so involved emotionally you will do anything.  Harsh but sadly true.

Scammers are skilled at wooing you with long romantic emails and poems. Often they get these from the internet and will be sending the same to several other women.

When they send you a picture they are often very handsome. Do keep a careful look at these pictures often they will be in exotic locations or standing next to an expensive car.  However, you will find that these pictures are images from the internet and often pictures posed by models.  If you ask for further pictures of family etc. you will find they may send you some but they will not be in the picture. Why because the pictures are false and often taken from Model sites who have no idea their pictures are being used in this way.s

By this stage you are still involved emotionally and you want to meet.  He will say he will be over in the UK next month and guess what a week before he will say he cannot make it as there is a problem example he needs a new visa or he has had his wallet stolen.  Can you send some money to help?  He may ask for a small amount to start with and then once you have sent that there will be other problems and then he will start asking for more and more…He will use excuses that his funds are tied up in his business and he really wants to meet you and of course repay you when he arrives.  If you hand over the money you will not see the money or him ever again.

Sadly going through this could leave you not just emotionally but financially drained.  You may feel you cannot trust any men again.  However, there are good men out there and if you can spot the scammer at the start you can avoid all the heartache.



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