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How to stay safe online with Social Media

How to stay safe online with Social Media

We are all spending more of our time on the internet – not just browsing for the sake of it but doing online shopping, banking, booking holidays etc.

Not only that we all use various social media platforms on a daily basis. With each social media platforms you sign up for you are providing information to the world for example pictures, status, and general information about yourself. So how can you stay safe online but still be proactive.

Below are some simple tips to help you navigate safety the world of social media


Did you know

  • Over 3.45 billion people globally now use social media – or 45% of the world are now using social media networks
  • We spend on average 2.5 hours a day on social networking groups and sending messages

Tips to stay safe on-line

There is no Delete button on the Web – Be careful with what you share. Even if you post something and then delete it immediately from your profile there is still a chance someone had seen it.

How to stay safe online with Social Media


Always update your privacy settings – Set you privacy and security settings to the level you are comfortable at sharing any information. Do you also need to have your location area switched – make sure this is disabled.

Only connect with people you know like and trust.

Make sure you limit the information you are posting. Do you need to tell everyone you are at XYZ coffee shop right now. A cyber criminal could hack and find out your address and know you are not at home.

Keep all account numbers, passwords etc private as well as specific information about yourself. This can include your full name, address, date of birth, birthday and even holiday plans.

If a friend posts something online that you feel uncomfortable about then speak up and let them know.

Remain open-minded if a friend approaches you because something you may have posted makes him or her uncomfortable. Remember everyone has different tolerances for how much the world knows about them. It is important to respect those differences.

With regard cyberbullying it is essential to report suspicious or harassing activity. Work with your social media platform to report and possibly block harassing users. Report an incident if you’ve been a victim of cyber crime or cyberbullying.

How to stay safe online with Social Media

The link below from Met Police has further contact details if you have been a victim of Cyber crime.




How to Remember Your Passwords

How to stay safe online with Social Media

This is a really simple trick for remembering your passwords – choose a keyword, key phrase or key pattern and then modify it for each password.

For example, if your keyword is “bigrat” and you're creating a password for Amazon, your new password is “bigratama” or “bigratamazon.” If
you're creating a password for Gmail, it would be “bigratgma” or “bigratgmail.”

You determine how many characters you use from each website, and then stick with that number. In the Amazon examples, if your number is 3 than
you would use the first password – if your number is 6, then use the second one.

Make your password tougher by adding a number or character to your keyword, such as “1bigrat” or “@bigrat.”

Or if you prefer, use a pattern in place of your key phrase. For example, on the standard keyboard you might choose a pattern such as “mnbvcxz”
or “vfr43edc.” Try typing those on your keyboard and you'll see what I mean.

And when it comes time to change your passwords? Simply choose a new keyword, keyword phrase or pattern and use it in every new password
you create.

How to stay safe online with Social Media

I hope these few tips will help you remain safe online.


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