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How to have a money free weekend

How to have a money free weekend.   Money…it is the bane of our life…Often we find there is far too much month left at the end of each money…..

Below are a few things to consider to have a spend free (almost) weekend  – this is after all the essentials are paid for…

How to have a money free weekend

Check out your local area website – All local areas have a website which lists all events going in and around your area many of which are free.

Visit your local library – Your local library is not just for books, you can also take out CDs and DVDs. In addition some local libraries offer theme nights which can be a talk by a local author, lectures or even other events which you could be unaware of.

Meet your neighbours – Did you know that over 50% of people do not know their neighbours names. Plus over one-third of people would not even recognise their neighbour if they walked past them.. So this weekend why not make an effort to introduce yourself to your neighbour. Invite them over for a cup of coffee and a chat to get to know them better. Your neighbours could be a lifesaver for you. They can be a spare pair of eyes and keep an lookout for your property when you are away. They can also help you if you have  a difficult task.

How to have a money free weekend
Practice yoga – or try it for the first time.
All you need is some floor space and a blanket to do most yoga poses

Go for a long walk – Just check your local area website which could list some good local walking trails. Or in fact just pack a picnic and go for a walk to your local park. Go at your own speed and enjoy the local area. personal enjoyment, after all.

Have a declutter and take some items to the local charity shop – Having a declutter can be very therapeutic. Why not pack up those unwanted CDs, DVD, books or clothes that you have not even read/worn in the last year. The local charity shop would be really pleased to accept your donations

Read a good book – reading a great book is always a good mental workout


Go swimming –  All local councils have a swimming pool. My local area has an outdoor Lido – great for this time of year. Swimming is a great way to relieve stress and also keep you fit. While this may not be ‘free’ you often ‘try before you buy’ and during the summer there could be some special offers.

Scan your old photographs – I am sure like me you have numerous family photographs stuck in a few albums. I imagine they are all stored away in the loft just collecting dust. Why not start the weekend by looking through your old photographs and scan them into a digital format – you can even create a digital photo album.


Are you aware of the local tourist attractions in your area – Why not take a weekend to be a tourist in your local area

Volunteer – Why not consider spending one day a weekend (if you have time) to volunteer at your local charity shop/food bank?  This can be very rewarding and you could be making a difference to your community.

Rearrange the furniture in your home  – You do not need to spend money on a new feel to your home. Why not rearrange the furniture, perhaps you can also dispose of some items you no longer need. (Check with our local authority as often they can take some larger items away for a small cost). By rearranging furniture it will add a new flair to your home.

Plan a romatic dinner – Why not prepare a romantic candlelight dinner for you and your loved one – romance does not have to be expensive!

I hope these few tips can help you next weekend.



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