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Natural remedies to get rid of ants

Do you want to know natural remedies to get rid of ants? With the amazing weather we are currently having it also means that we are faced with the annual ant invasion.

I had an ant problem last week inside and outside my home but did not want to use any harsh chemicals around my home so I found a few ‘household’ natural cures WHICH WORKED!!

Below are details of not only the ones I used but other household items you can use to banish the ants.

Natural remedies to get rid of ants


Firstly we need to establish why ants want to visit our home during the summer

They love food

Like humans ants like a mixture of fats, proteins and also carbohydrates in their diet. Ants have an acute sence of small and if there is any food lying around they want it. So make sure any food you have is covered over and put out of sight.

They are thirsty

Again like us humans they need water to live. If they find a pool of water near or around your home they will drink from that. Think of any potential leaking areas you have. Check your pipes especially where the washing machine is. Also check your toilet to make sure it is also not leaking

They want shelter

Make sure you outside of your home does not have any cracks where ants can enter.  If there has been a large shower of rain then the ants may want to seek shelter.


Natural remedies to get rid of ants

Flour (this is one of the remedies I used)

Sprinkle some flour along the back of your cupboards or any area inside the home where you think ants are. Ants hate flour and will not cross the line.


Similar to flour ants do not like chalk. They hate the calcium carbonate which is in the chalk. Did you know that chalk is made from ground up and compressed shells of marine animals. So deposit some powered chalk around your garden area.


Natural remedies to get rid of ants

Lemons are one of the best natural remedies to use (in fact I also used lemons outside my home)

You can either use a natural lemon or get some natural lemon juice from your local supermarket (this is what I used). Squirt some lemon juice around your front door and on the outside windowsills. Then squeeze a few drops of lemon into any cracks outside your home where you think the ants may be.  If using a natural lemon then leave a few lemon peels around the front door. The ants will not bother you again.


Vinegar is also a natural deterrent for those pesky ants. They hate the smell and the smell of the vinegar affects their behaviour as it blocks traces of pheromones that ants leave behind as a form of communication. Best way is to mix one part vinegar (this can also include apple cider vinegar) to one part of water. You then spray of the entry points and this will stop the ants entering your home


This will help to get rid of ants in your garden, along the foundation of your home and also the patio. Make a smoothie of a few orange peels in a cup of warm water. When mixed pour the smoothie around all the ant hills and the ants that are lurking around the outside of your home.

Natural remedies to get rid of ants


Table salt works best for this remedy. Plus it is one of the cheapest ways to stop the ants roaming round your home. Do not use rock salt but basic table salt. Boil some water and add a large amount of salt. Make sure you stir the pot until the salt dissolves. Place the mixture (after cooling) into a bottle spray. Then simply spray where the ants are currently nesting (or where you think they could be lurking).

According to a survey by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), ants are likely to hide in the following areas of your home

Kitchen             96%

Bathroom         89%

Inside walls      73%

Bedroom          61%

Living room     60%

Basement        54%

AIr con unit     37%


I hope these few tips will help you with the annual ants invasion. What I liked is that these are not only natural products but you are likely to have most of these in your home so when you spot some ants you can act immediately without having to pop to the shops and resolve the problem instantly.


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