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Natural tricks to help the aging process

Natural tricks to help the aging process are a way we can all feel good about ourselves.

Are you like me with a few lines here and there and feel that your body may be giving away your age or even make you feel older than you are.

Below are some natural ways to help with these problems we all have without having to resort to any plastic surgery what so ever

Natural tricks to help the aging process

Aching feet

Are you like me and now only seem want to wear ‘comfortable flat shoes’ well help is at a hand

Of course we always don a flat pair of trainers if we are on our daily commute or shopping but there are times when only high heels will do. For example if we are going out for the evening and looking fantastic in our attire and need a pair of killer heels. Yet the thought or some of us of wearing our heels fills us with dread. We want comfort and style not sore feet.

Due to getting older the fat pads on the bottom of our feet do lose their cushioning and sadly If six-inch stilettos are agony that’s a fair cop, but when you can’t go shopping in your favourite shoes for more than a couple of hours it’s seriously depressing! There is nothing more aging than walking slowly and being stiff and this can show with a strained posture

So why not consider purchasing a pair of good well soled shoes that allow your feet to keep their natural shape. Try to avoid plastic easy clean uppers as they will not allow your feet to breath and do not stretch to accommodate your foot shape.


Natural tricks to help the aging process

Do make sure the shoes you purchase give you the comfort you need and that you can take them off and put them on easily. Make sure the heel is secure in place and that a strap or buckle will give you more support than a slip on shoe as the older you get it is more important to wear a shoe that is not only comfortable, well-fitting and styles but holds your foot firmly in place to give support

Any shoes you purchase should have plenty of room especially if wearing them daily. If you suffer from swollen feet then a good tip is to put your shoes on as soon as you wake up as your feet will not yet have had a chance to swell


Spots on your hands.

A loss of collagen leads to less volume, making veins stand out more. Brown spots and other signs of sun damage also start to show on your hands. A dead giveaway of age. We cannot wear gloves all them time to hide them.
The natural way to prevent this is to make sure you apply some sunscreen on a daily basis on the back of your hands to prevent further sun damage. Make sure you keep your hands well hydrated. Consider also have a small tube of hand cream on your desk at work and apply as often as you need. One thing I also do is add some powder to my hands as this creates a nice glow.
When applying nail varnish try to avoid the dark colours and use a pale colour as this will take the focus off your hands.
Natural tricks to help the aging process

Chin hairs

Since the menopause I seem to get many rogue chin hairs and they often appear at the most inappropriate time. You have done your make up and feeling good yet under lights all you can see are your chin hairs.

Did you know at least 20% of women over 45 who are menopausal have facial hair and this is mainly around the chin area. This is often due to the increased levels of testosterone and can make the chin hair much corse, longer and very deep-rooted.

So how to avoid this – The most simple way is to just pluck them out with a good pair of tweezers. Ignore the old wives tale that more hairs will grow in that area if you pluck them out!

Make sure you have a well-balanced diet that includes beneficial foods and oils to help with the hormonal rebalance.


Disappearing eye brows and lashes

This is something I suffer from due to not only the menopause but having an under active thyroid. We suffer from the loss of our eyebrows and lashes due to the changing hormones which means our eyebrows and lashes look sparse. Also perhaps you have caused damaged to your eyebrows by years of over plucking which can also make it harder for the hairs to grow back.

A good way to resolve this is to use a small makeup brush and fill in the brows with soft strokes of a pressed eye shadow but make sure the shade matches your eyebrows. There are also some great eyebrow pencils on the market which can help as well. If your lashes are scarce then consider using false eye lashes.

Natural tricks to help the aging process

Saggy breasts

Due to loss of tissue and fat means that our breasts are can appear saggy and lose their fullness. Also lack of support and less estrogen means that our breasts can head south sooner than we want!

One good way to aid this is to stand sideways in a mirror with your elbows bent to 90 degrees. You will see that the fullest part of the breast should be halfway between householders and elbows. If this is not the case then if they are lower tighten your bra strap. If they are still dragging or if your bra hicks up in the back then you need to consider getting a new bra.

Natural tricks to help the aging process

Go to your local store and get measured correcting Most major stores offer a bra fitting service. You will then get the correct size bra you need. Perhaps you think you are bigger then you realise. Try on several different styles. If you want more support a seamed cup is preferable. If you are a larger lade consider purchasing minimized bras which could make you up to one inch smaller.

What I love about these tips is that no visit to a surgeon is required. remember natural remedies are always best.


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