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Are you planning a trip away?

It is getting to that time of year where we are all planning our holidays. Perhaps you are going away for Easter or even later in the year. Unless you are planning to visit a nudist beach you will be busy deciding what to pack into your suitcase.

Below are some packing and travel tips which should make your trip remembered for the right reasons.


Do not pack more than you need – Firstly, lay out all your items you are planning to take away with you on your bed.  Go and make a cup of coffee and come back five minutes later when you will  refreshed and ready for action.  Now go through all your items remove a quarter of them. After all you will never wear all of the clothes and if you are like me you will be spending the entire time during the day in your swimwear with a sarong.

Accessories can really enhance your look.Try adding a few items of jewellery, scarves or hats in your suitcase. Try to match with outfits you have packed, as this can make a daytime outfit easily transferable to an evening look as well.


Remember that you will always be bringing items including souvenirs  home with you so always leave some room in the suitcase (well you have not at least 25% more room if you follow the above tip)

Know the baggage allowance – Purchase some luggage scales and make sure you weigh your suitcase not only on the way out but more importantly on the way back. Remember you are more likely to be bringing additional items back with you. If you feel that your allowance is almost to the limit try to wear some of your heavier clothes for the journey.

There are many different lightweight suitcases you can purchase. you do not want to start or end the journey paying for extra baggage fee.

If you are just taking hand luggage do check that your suitcase will in fact fit in the above over head locker.






Personalise your suitcase – As a rule I do not put my name or the destination on my suitcase. What I do is add some tinsel around the handle. That way on the  baggage carousel  you can immediately identify your suitcase. After all if two cases look-alike you will know which one is yours. Also leave a note in your suitcase with your mobile number so if someone does pick up your case they have a mobile number to call.  Again do not include your name or further information.

Essential items – Make sure your hand luggage has a list of the essentials you will need and make sure these are packed first of all. These include your passport, local currency, credit cards, medication, mobile phone and your tickets. Also while at Duty free stock up on some tissues, wipes, painkillers etc.  While you are relaxing your body can let down its defences and likewise a new country can sometimes cause some stomach upsets. If you are travelling anywhere where they could be mosquitoes purchase some insect repellent in addition to the above items also available while at duty-free. Most important also check you have travel insurance that covers all pre and existing conditions plus take a copy of the insurance contract with you.


Plan for each day – Make sure you pack the clothes you intend to wear on your last day at the bottom of the case and the first item you will be changing into when you arrive at the top.  The last thing to pack should be your beach towel and swimwear. That way as soon as you arrive you can head into the pool for a refreshing dip after your long flight.


Use a shoe bag – Not only will this keep your shoes in one place it will mean that no shoes will mark or tear your clothes when they are packed in the case.


Books – Do you really need to bring those 3 novels you have been intending to read with you. I know from personal experience that I never end up reading any of the books I bring then I have to bring them home again. If you do like reading then purchase a kindle and download a few books. That will be a lot lighter.

Jewellery – Only try to take costume jewellery with you (apart from wedding or engagement ring). You may lose some jewellery so best to be safe. If you do bring some expensive jewellery pack it in your hand luggage and make sure it is secure in a small bag such as a makeup bag. Also if you are carrying expensive jewellery allow yourself extra time going through security.


Coat – Do you really need your heavy coat with you while in sunny climes?  Pack only a lightweight jacket for the cooler evenings.

Lost luggage – Regrettably this can happen and can ruin your holiday either before you arrive at your destination or on the return. Always make sure your valuables are not stored in your suitcase but in your hand luggage.  Plus always have a spare change of clothing.  This can be as simple as a pair of knickers, pair of leggings, flip-flops and tee-shirt. At least you will have something to change into.

Enjoy the trip.




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