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Recycling – what a load of rubbish!

Recycling – what a load of rubbish!

There has been a lot of coverage in the news about recycling – but is this just a load of rubbish?

You cannot fail to ignore the concern regarding the dangers to our planet that plastic is causing.

How many of you saw the fantastic Blue Planet II and been sadden by the plastic in the seas and the dangers it is causing to our sea life,  endangering the marine life and the habitat.

The dangers of pollution to our world is a growing and ruining our plant. We as humans must stop this becoming a global disaster. Do you want to leave this legacy for future generations to solve or do you want to take immediate action now?

We must all ‘do our bit’ to try to recycle as much as we possibly can and must start to avoid throwing things in the bin which end up in land fill sites .

Recycling - what a load of rubbish!

Many of us hate the weekly task of having to pre resort our waste ready for the collection by our bin men/women.

Perhaps you find there is not enough room in your house to accommodate the numerous bags and boxes that need to be sorted and placed in the relevent wheelie bins. Other people may not have the time or the inclination to sort and just place every item in one wheelie bin.

Some people may take some of the waste to the local tip if it is nearby. A few local councils make you register with the tip and it has been known that for some local tips you may have to pay to dispose of the items. No wonder people often just find a local disused place and dispose of their waste. They may think oh well someone will pick it up and dispose of it. However that is simply making the problem greater.

All local council authorities have different rules and regulations with numerous different coloured bins and different collection times. Also some local councils will change their contractor on a regular basis and again this means new rules and regulations for each new contractor – no wonder we all get confused.

However, despite all of this we do need to recycle as much as possible and make sure that all our household waste is disposed of in a responsible manner.

While the government clearly has waste as one of their top priorities it clearly is causing major problems for householders. People may ask why we have to pay for our collection boxes and bags (a payment for this is part of our council tax). After all if there is a desire for everyone to recycle then we must have a process that s simple, effect and one that everyone can fully understand.

Recycling - what a load of rubbish!

Sadly there are also people who say they will collect your rubbish but they are not licensed. If you have a lot of rubbish to get rid of and someone states they will dispose of it for a fee make sure you see their trading licence as if they are not genuine they will simply throw the rubbish away at a place that they find. If you do need to get rid of some large rubbish  then do contact you local council and for a small fee they will dispose of larger items at a safe and legal tip.

David Attenborough said ‘The future of all life now depends on us’ 



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