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Safety tips for women travelling

Safety tips for women travelling

Often Women want to go travelling by themselves, perhaps due to choice, divorce or widowhood.

Below are a few tips to help you enjoy your holiday that little bit more and for the holiday to be remembered for the right reasons.

Research – always research your destination before deciding to travel.  Is the area you are travelling to safe and secure.  Where will you be staying, is it off the beaten track or near a major city? Consider also the public transport in the area. Also check review websites to see if the place you are going to visit has recently got worse.

Travel Insurance – always get travel insurance as you never know.  Do read the small print before you travel.  Does the insurance cover pre-existing conditions? is there an excess fee? Make sure the insurance covers you for your particular travel destination. If you cannot afford travel insurance ask yourself could you afford the treatment if the worst happened?

Trusting people – While the majority of people you meet on holiday are honest and decent a few will not be.  Ask yourself why is that person asking me to take that package home to the UK and post it to his Granny? It could be drugs related.

Take what you require  – Most hotels have safety deposit boxes – make sure you use them. You do not need to take all your holiday money, credit cards, passport, jewellery etc with you every time you venture out of your hotel.

Sex – Make sure you are using protection – if you think I am going through the menopause it will not happen to me.  It could if you are still having periods (even irregular). Unless you have not had a period for an entire year there is still a chance. So take protection. Using a condom is the best way to protect yourself not only from a pregnancy but also HIV and other STIs.

Acting like a local – We are all aware of pickpockets.  So please always be aware of where you are.  Do not for example wander round head down reading a map. People will know you are vulnerable and not fully aware of the area.

Before you travel do research the area you are going to and make sure you dress appropriate.  If in doubt take a large scarf to cover your head and also a sarong to cover your legs. Both of these can easily be carried in your rucksack or bag.
When walking along make sure you look as if you know where you are going, hold your head up high and walk briskly.- above all appear confident. After all you are on holiday.
Finally – have a great time.

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